For 'One Size Fits Most'

Please refer to the sizing information in the item description, or use this general Sizing Chart...

-Adult Women: Dress size 6-12
-Adult Men: Chest size 40-42
-Child: size 6-10
-Toddler: size 2-4
-Infants: size 0-2

*Please be advised that all costumes tend to be cut small

Remember you can always contact us if you are unsure about sizing. We have sold hundreds of thousands of costumes and we can help you find the right size!


We at know that sizing your costume just right is very important. We display "true" sizing options for every costume that has multiple sizes. Unlike many companies who display the size marked by the manufacturer we actually size the products ourselves and give you the "true" sizes.

While we make very effort to describe the sizes in detail you will still need to purchase the costume that will fit you most comfortably. With this in mind please follow these tips when choosing your costume...

  • When not sure of the proper size or if you are on the borderline choose the larger costume
  • When purchasing for children, make sure to allow for undergarments and/or jackets
  • While many of us want to fit into a size 2 - purchase the right costume for your actual size and shape
  • Comfort counts! Remember that you are going to have to move around so buy a costume that allows for your particular activity or event
  • Plus Sizes - can be found in our Adult Costumes category
  • When in doubt or if you get frustrated - call us at (800) 811-4877 or (702) 740-4224 for help. We know the costumes and we can 'fit' you in!
Sizing for Pet Costumes

Sizing costumes for your pets can also be very tricky. For our dog costumes, we list the neck and back sizes given by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, please call us with your dog's neck and back measurements at (800) 811-4877 or (702) 740-4224.