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Michael Myers Halloween Masks

Mechanic Overalls Halloween Costume
Mechanic Overalls Halloween Costume
click for costume details
Item # - FU5892L
Michael Myers (Grey) Halloween Costume
Michael Myers (Grey) Halloween Costume
click for costume details
Item # - DP6771166
Michael Myers - The Mask Halloween Costume
Michael Myers - The Mask Halloween Costume
click for costume details
Item # - DP6770910
Michael Myers Original Halloween Costume
Michael Myers Original Halloween Costume
click for costume details
Item # - CSLM102
Overalls - Michael Myers Halloween Costume
Overalls - Michael Myers Halloween Costume
click for costume details
Item # - HW90190

Click Here to View Entire Inventory of Michael Myers Halloween Costumes

At Halloween Mart, we have all your Michael (and Mike) Myers costumes. We have costumes to transform you into the terrifying main character from the famous Halloween movies. We have costumes to transform you into the terrifyingly funny characters from Austin Powers and Shrek, too. From "scary bastard" to "Fat Bastard", if it's associated with Michael Myers, we're likely to carry it.

Serious fans of the John Carpenter classic like to argue about which moment in Halloween is the scariest. For most, however, it's the bedroom scene. Laurie goes in the bedroom to calm the child. We think everything is fine. When suddenly and somehow inexorably, the Shape, the killing machine, rises behind her, and slowly, deliberately turns its head in her direction. Brrrrr.

If your idea of the perfect Halloween costume is a perfect "Halloween" costume, you'll find it here. We carry everything you need to become Michael Myers; you can find big shapeless coveralls, brown shapeless wigs, and creepy expressionless masks in white or grey, and pointy costume knives of death.

If you're looking for costumes from that other horror movie, Austin Powers III, we have those too. Austin himself (and his teeth), Dr. Evil, and Fat Bastard are but a few of the fab and psychedelic rags, baby, that we carry. Or, if you're looking for Shrek, too--also played by Mike Myers--we've got those, too. You can find all these characters by either perusing our "TV, Books and Film" department, or typing "Austin", "Fat Bastard", "Dr. Evil" or "Shrek" into our helpful search engine.

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