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Halloween Dolls - Scary Halloween Puppets - Scary Puppets

Halloween Dolls - Scary Halloween Puppets - Scary Puppets

The Halloween Mart has quite a variety of decorations, props and other kinds of accessories that can be placed around the home for people to see during Halloween. People enjoy scaring each other during the holiday, whether it is by dressing in a frightening costume or using some type of prop to do the job. One way this can be accomplished is by using Halloween dolls or scary Halloween puppets that represent some of the scary creatures from horror movies and stories.
It's Alive Baby Puppet
Price: $59.99
Haunted Doll
Price: $29.99

Scary Halloween Puppets

The Halloween Mart has a collection of scary Halloween puppets and Halloween dolls that are guaranteed to scare the heck out of people!

Halloween Mart was first established back in 1994 as the first internet based costume store. More than fifteen years later the company continues to be a vital part of the ecommerce world due to its strong sense of customer service, great selection of costumes and affordable prices on all merchandise. The Halloween Mart always sells its costumes, accessories and decorations at discounted prices. People looking for costumes for other major holidays of the year such as Christmas or other events like birthday parties will find everything they need from the Halloween Mart since the company today has an inventory of more than 10,000 high quality costumes.

The Halloween Mart is just as good a company for finding quality Halloween decorations and props. The selection of scary puppets and Halloween dolls available from the Halloween Mart make great additions to the Halloween decorations around the home.

There are a few Halloween dolls and scary Halloween puppets representing classic horror movie figures that can be hung up during Halloween. These scary puppets and Halloween dolls include Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers. The hanging Freddy figure comes with his signature tattered sweater and knives for fingers. The Jason hanging puppet features his hockey mask and machete. The Michael Myers figure has Michael wearing his ghostly white mask and carrying a bloody knife.

People looking for scary Halloween puppets that can either serve as decorations in the home or be carried around will love the It’s Alive baby and Zombie Zack scary puppets. The It’s Alive baby puppet is the baby from the 1974 cult horror film It’s Alive. This creepy puppet has the fangs and deformed head of the baby from the movie. The Zombie Zack puppet is a cute little zombie baby with head and arms that the person holding the puppet can control.

Halloween Mart is the online source for costumes for all major holidays and many special occasions. Be sure to take a look at what Halloween Mart has to offer in costumes, costume accessories and decorations!


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