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Scary Halloween Pictures - Halloween Ghost Pictures - Halloween Portraits

Scary Halloween Pictures - Halloween Ghost Pictures - Halloween Portraits

Halloween is a time of year to decorate the house in a manner designed to frighten people and have a little fun. The Halloween Mart offers a variety of methods to create a truly scary atmosphere for any Halloween party or for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters arriving to collect candy. There is one element of a haunted house that makes an appearance in several horror movies, the haunted portrait.
Exorcist Regan Lenticular
Price: $29.99
Gothic Mansion Portraits Scene Setter
Price: $9.99
Light Up Portrait Clown
Price: $26.99 – $49.99
Light Up Portrait - Pirate
Price: $26.99 – $49.99
Trick 'r Treat Lite Up Portrait 15x20
Price: $29.99
Perfect Couple Portrait
Price: $13.99
Distinguished Gentleman Portrait
Price: $13.99

Scary Halloween Pictures

Many movies show people walking through a haunted house, not knowing that the portraits hanging on the wall as they pass have eyes that spy on them as they make their way through the home. The Halloween Mart has some great options of scary Halloween pictures and Halloween portraits to decorate the home with for Halloween.

Halloween Mart was first established in 1994. This was the first internet based company to sell Halloween costumes, costumes for other events such as birthday parties and costumes for other major holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day. The Halloween Mart has been in business for over fifteen years, providing great customer service, a great selection of costumes and great prices the entire time. Today the Halloween Mart has an inventory of more than 10,000 high quality costumes.

The company added costume accessories and party decorations to its inventory as time passed, making Halloween Mart the complete online source for all Halloween needs. People that are looking for cool decorations for the home when getting the house ready for Halloween will like the unique look of adding Halloween ghost pictures and scary Halloween pictures to the walls.

These are not ordinary Halloween portraits from the Halloween Mart. These scary Halloween pictures come to life, adding a very creepy element to the home. People that are paying attention will notice that the Halloween ghost pictures hangings on the walls transform from normal looking people to frightening creatures.

The Admiral Howl portrait shows a powerful officer of the high seas. The face on this picture transforms into a werewolf when the full moon arrives in the shot. The Perfect Couple and Distinguished Gentleman Halloween portraits have nice, innocent looking people transforming into ghouls over time. The most frightening of the scary Halloween pictures may be the portrait of Regan from The Exorcist as she transforms from a beautiful young girl into the lady possessed by the demon in the movie.

Halloween Mart carries Halloween ghost pictures and many other great Halloween decorations year round. When looking for party and home decorations, costumes accessories and costumes for all times of the year, be sure to shop from the Halloween Mart!

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