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Halloween Fog Machine - Fog Machines For Sale - Mist Maker

Halloween Fog Machine - Fog Machines For Sale - Mist Maker

People that are looking to create a very scary atmosphere at their home for Halloween will find that a Halloween fog machine will work wonders. The fog that is generated from fog machines can turn any front or backyard into a graveyard, and when a mist machine is used inside the home an eerie setting is created. Halloween Mart has several different fog machines for sale and different mist maker options to transform any home into a great setting for Halloween.
Micro Star Laser Machine
Price: $149.99
Fog Juice - Gallon
Price: $29.99
Mini Wall Mount Fire Bowl
Price: $34.99
Mini Hanging Fire Bowl
Price: $34.99
Fog Juice - Quart
Price: $14.99
Fog Machine Timer
Price: $24.99
Large Strobe Skull
Price: $19.99
Power Flash 750W Strobe
Price: $259.99
String of Strobe Lights with Halloween Sound
Price: $24.99
LED Curtain
Price: $119.99
Webcaster Sticks - Clear
Price: $6.99
Big Shot LED
Price: $59.99
Lil' Cob Webber Glow Sticks
Price: $39.99
Prop Rotator
Price: $19.99
Mister Kool Ground Fogger
Price: $229.99
Fog Machine Cleaning Solution
Price: $17.99
Fog Machine w/ Remote - 1000W
Price: $119.99
Fogger Ice Machine
Price: $999.99
Fog/Mist Maker
Price: $34.99
Giant Flame
Price: $559.99
Super Flame
Price: $379.99
Fog Machine W/Remote - 400W
Price: $49.99
Bubble Machine
Price: $34.99
Bubble Machine
Price: $139.99
Gallon Bubble Juice
Price: $34.99
Bubble Liquid 1 Quart
Price: $12.99
Pocket Laser Light Show
Price: $29.99
Micro Galaxian Laser Machine
Price: $149.99
Webcaster Gun
Price: $49.99

Halloween Fog Machine

The Halloween Mart first opened its doors back in 1994. This was the first company that sold Halloween costumes, costumes for other major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus outfits for other events that occurred during the year such as birthday parties. The Halloween Mart has kept a solid client base for over fifteen years due to its commitment to good customer service, great selection of costumes and great prices. All costumes, accessories and decorations such as a Halloween fog machine are sold at discounted prices.

An individual that is in the process of decorating the indoors and outdoors of the home will really enjoy the selection of fog machines for sale from the Halloween Mart. A Halloween fog machine or mist maker really adds a unique and spooky element to the home and creates an atmosphere that the neighbors will enjoy seeing from their homes.

Kids that are trick-or-treating will cautiously approach the home when they see fog emanating from the ground created by a Halloween fog machine that is cleverly hidden from view. Another mist maker could be hidden at the doorstep, creating fog by the front door just where they need to come to ring the doorbell and collect candy. This is a great atmosphere to create for the kids that are trick-or-treating.

When searching for a Halloween fog machine from the Halloween Mart there are quite a few different types to choose from, depending on what kind of effect the customer wants to create. The Mister Kool ground fogger creates low flying fog and comes with a timer remote, making it easy to create the desired effect whenever it is desired. The Halloween Mart also has other fog machines for sale such as a 1000 watt fog machine, fogger ice machine and a 400 watt fog machine with remote.

The mist maker from the Halloween Mart can be placed in any container and runs just on a little water. Halloween Mart also sells low lying fog juice and party fog juice for the various types of fog machines for sale.

Shop from the Halloween Mart today to find a Halloween fog machine or mist maker for Halloween and school plays where fog is part of the setting. The Halloween Mart is the online source for Halloween decorations, costume accessories and costumes for all occasions throughout the year.

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