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Halloween Fake Animals - Small Plastic Animals - Rubber Animals

Halloween Fake Animals - Small Plastic Animals - Rubber Animals

There are plenty of ways to decorate the inside and outside of a home for Halloween. Many times people want to project some type of scary atmosphere when decorating and there are several methods to accomplish that goal. Animals are usually cute little creatures that inhabit a home, but when Halloween fake animals are scattered around the home for Halloween they can create a frightening setting for any child trick-or-treating at the home or for people attending a Halloween party.
Giant Foam Flying Bat
Price: $74.99
Bag of 8" Rats - 6 Count
Price: $11.99
Price: $24.99
Black Feather Raven
Price: $19.99
Light Up Demon Bat
Price: $19.99
Light Up White Owl w/ Sound
Price: $19.99
Angry Cat
Price: $19.99
Hanging Bat
Price: $14.99
Shadow the Skeleton Dog
Price: $24.99
Foam Sitting Black Cat
Price: $29.49
Lizard - 12"
Price: $4.99
Light Up Black Owl with Sound
Price: $19.99
Scary Standing Latex Rat
Price: $14.99
Deluxe Latex Frog
Price: $16.99
Rubber Bat on String
Price: $1.99
Vampire Bat - 8FT Wingspan
Price: $89.99
Rattle Snake - 44 IN.
Price: $17.99
Snake - Lifesize Latex Python 42"
Price: $29.99
Cobra Snake - Rubber
Price: $9.99 – $12.99
Ghoul Cat
Price: $99.99
Psycho Horror Cat
Price: $39.99
Toad with Warts
Price: $19.99
Lord Toad
Price: $69.99
Demon Hound
Price: $174.99
Vulture - Large Foam Standing
Price: $29.99
Vulture - Large Foam Crouching
Price: $29.99
White Jumbo Rat
Price: $59.99
Mouse Grey Rubber
Price: $1.49
Crow - Closed Wings In
Price: $14.99
Squooshy Rat 13"
Price: $4.99
Jumbo Growing Rat
Price: $4.99
Feather Parrot
Price: $9.99
Mouse - Stretchy
Price: $0.99
Bag of Bats
Price: $4.99
Hanging Bat - 16 in.
Price: $9.99

Halloween Fake Animals

The Halloween Mart has a collection of small plastic animals and rubber animals that are great Halloween fake animals to use around the home.

The Halloween Mart was originally created back in 1994. The first online source for Halloween costumes, costumes for other occasions such as office parties and costumes for other major holidays such as Christmas, the Halloween Mart has been a successful business for over fifteen years due to its great customer service, affordable prices and great selection of costumes. Today the Halloween Mart has an inventory of more than 10,000 high quality costumes and sells all of its costumes, accessories and decorations at discounted prices.

When an individual is looking to create a Halloween atmosphere around the home that features creatures lurking in every corner of the room, the Halloween Mart is able to provide several types of Halloween fake animals. Some of the animals are small, some are large, some are small plastic animals and others are larger rubber animals. When people first glance at the Halloween fake animals their initial reaction is sure to be one of fright.

When children arrive at the home to collect candy, imagine their surprise and horror when they step up to the front door and gaze at some of the creatures awaiting their arrival. The doorstep of any home could easily be protected by Halloween fake animals such as hissing cats, life-size latex python snakes, demon hounds, large foam standing vultures, white jumbo rats or vampire bats. These Halloween fake animals are sure to scare the dickens out of kids of all ages!

The Halloween Mart also has a collection of small plastic animals, perfect to use for decorating inside the home. Some of the small plastic animals include mother rats and evil cats. Rubber animals also make great “pets” for Halloween. Take a look at the selection of rubber animals from the Halloween Mart that includes rubber cobra snakes and grey mice.

Halloween fake animals are just one example of the many types of Halloween decorations available from Halloween Mart. Any client looking to find great looking costumes and costume accessories, plus the finest decorations for the home like small plastic animals and rubber animals will find everything they need from the Halloween Mart at discounted prices.

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