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Gargoyle Statues - Gargoyle Sculptures - Gothic Gargoyles

Gargoyle Statues - Gargoyle Sculptures - Gothic Gargoyles

There are certain items in this world that not only make great Halloween decorations but depending on the type of look a person may want for his or her home, perfect decorations for the home year round. Gargoyle statues and gargoyle sculptures are examples of Halloween decorations that some people like to leave up throughout the year, adding a definite gothic feel to the home.
Bronze Castle Guardian Gargoyle
Price: $54.99
Vampire Bat Gargoyle
Price: $14.99
Flapping Gargoyle 22"
Price: $74.99
Winged Red Devil Prop
Price: $69.99
Posable Gothic Gargoyle
Price: $24.99
Gargoyle Wall Mount
Price: $144.99

Gargoyle Statues

The Halloween Mart has gothic gargoyles and gargoyle statues in stock that make perfect additions to the home for Halloween and throughout the year.

Halloween Mart has been in existence since 1994. This was the first internet based company to specialize in selling Halloween costumes, costumes for other occasions such as birthday parties and costumes for other major holidays such as the Fourth of July. Halloween Mart has remained in business for over fifteen years and continued to be a vital source in the ecommerce world because the company offers stellar customer service, a great selection of costumes and affordable prices on all merchandise. The Halloween Mart always sells its costumes, costume accessories and Halloween decorations such as gargoyle sculptures at discounted prices.

Gothic gargoyles are just some of the Halloween decorations the Halloween Mart has in stock throughout the year. The Halloween Mart sells gargoyle statues that are made of great quality, built to last for several Halloweens and year round if the customer wants to use gargoyle sculptures as a permanent decoration for the home.

Gargoyle statues are often grotesque, frightening looking creatures. Gargoyle sculptures are seen in many different forms of architecture, even at churches. The Halloween Mart makes it easy to bring gothic gargoyles into the home and decorate different parts of the house in unique style.

There are several different styles of gargoyle statues that can be kept in the home before and after Halloween. The latex gargoyle is 33" x 40", has a strobe light behind it for added effect and has wings. Posable gothic gargoyles measure 10" X 12.5" and are made of polyfoam. The gargoyle wall mount is 30" wide, 20" high and is one of the more menacing gargoyle sculptures the Halloween Mart has in stock. There is also a gargoyle with lamp that is holding a glowing orb and measures 22" tall and 16" wide.

Customers that just want gargoyles to be around for Halloween and then go away can simplify things with the scary silhouette gargoyle. The design fits standard windows, can be taken down once Halloween has passed and be reused the next year.

Halloween Mart sells a variety of quality Halloween decorations such as gargoyle statues all year long. Be sure to also shop from the Halloween Mart for the best costumes online for Halloween and all other major holidays!

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