Ways To Use Outdoor Halloween Decorations Throughout The Year

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Outdoor Halloween decorations are always a fun, and entertaining way to show the holiday spirit. Have you thought about using these same decorations throughout the remaining year, however? There is a variety of ways to do this as discussed below.

Lawn decorations
Gothic is the craze nowadays. Do your part by displaying some traditional gargoyles in your front or back yard. Many people find these creatures add a delightful air to their overall landscaping theme. Gargoyles have a rich centuries-old history. Some have been found in churches and other architectural delights. Choose from your favorite design and add some uniqueness to your grounds. The Bronze Castle Guardian Gargoyle measures an impressive 15” by 20” and is heavy enough to be the ideal porch ornament.

Do you want to horrify others by having a scarier-looking gargoyle? Try a Winged Red Devil Prop. This bright red-colored gargoyle will definitely draw attention from others. Use as the focal point for helping others find your house. The red will add distinctive coloring to your landscaping. For those who have an affinity and secret love affair with skulls, this is the gargoyle for you. The devil is crouching down over a layer of skeletal heads. Plus, he is holding a skull. He will leave a lasting impression.

Have some animation going on with your outdoor Halloween decorations by buying a Flapping 22” gargoyle. This decoration comes complete with scary recordings and fluttering wings. The entertaining gray statue is made of plastic. Watch your guest’s reactions as you turn the wings on while the recording blares out the speakers. They may never return.

Do you love vampires? Choose the Vampire Bat Gargoyle for your outdoor decorating needs. This delightful decoration comes complete with beady, red eyes and a screaming voice. You are bound to leave neighbors talking and postmen walking.

Pirate parties
Most everyone loves a pirate. Pirate invasions, eye patches, rough language and pictures of favorite characters come to mine. Hold a birthday party for a pirate-loving friend and make the theme pirate related.

Welcome guests onto your property by strategically placing some pirate decorations. Draw in visitors from afar by placing a pirates flag on your standard flag pole. For those lacking a flag pole, consider hanging a six foot pirate on your property. Then, continue to set the mood by putting some pirate flags onto poles. Strategically place these poles along the pathway to your front door. This will surely bring on smiles and chuckles from the crowd of party goers.

Consider placing a Skull Door Topper on your front door to delight guests. The topper consists of extra bones and five skulls. This entertaining decoration measures 48 inches wide. The three flickering candles on top of the skulls and bones look like dripping blood. The bright red coloring will undoubtedly put visitors in the mood for some pirate fun.

Many times Halloween items remain in storage except for one or two weeks out of the year. Get more use out of your outdoor Halloween decorations by using them year-round. Buying high quality items from reputable companies will add to the enjoyment.

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