Using Pirate Decorations Throughout The Year

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Halloween isn’t the only time to bring out the pirate themed decorations. Be creative and find uses for these fun props throughout the year. It will add a special spark to your life. Below are some suggestions to bring some booty into your life.

Wall Hangings
Fish nets and pirates go hand-in-hand. Did you know that fish nets also make a unique and creative wall hanging? Place a colorful fish net on your favorite room’s wall. Secure it with either permanent or temporary fixtures like nails or tape. Add to the ambiance by placing some swords, jumbo rusty chains, sea shells, and eye patches on the net. Some pictures of treasure chests will complete the decoration.

For simpler wall decorations that require no creativity on your part, consider buying and mounting a Jolly Roger wall plaque to your favorite wall. It gives notice to others that they better be aware there are pirates in the area, whether noticeable or not. The plaque measures an impressive 20 inches wide and 14.5 inches tall. With a backdrop of what appears to be old-weathered cloth, the maroon bandana skull will draw the attention of anyone nearby. Since the skull is centered on some familiar pirate booty of a pair of crossing buccaneer swords, it will definitely be the topic of conversation. This fits in perfectly for bedrooms or game rooms of pirate lovers, both old and young.

Pirate invasions
Many communities have summer celebrations that center upon pirates invading the town. Some come into town on a ship and land on a favorite beach. Other pirates show up at fund-raising events to support local charities. Whatever the reason, pirates are a popular commodity. If you are an organizer for a pirate invasion, consider putting up pirate flags throughout your community to create excitement and interest.

Think about hanging a six-foot pirate decoration from a street lamp post anywhere in the local walkable community. This will draw attention and bring smiles.

Office parties
Offices usually have celebrations of all types as a way to bring everyone together. Suggest a pirate-themed party. Order a pirate-decorated cake or have a team member bake it. Decorate the lunch room tables with colorful tablecloths. Add some tabletop decorations of rusty chains and string of skulls. Think about taking a string of skulls and placing it on door moldings or filing cabinets. Buy a black tattered cloth decoration and use it as a tablecloth. Consider placing a pirate flag on the lunch room or meeting room doors to add fun to the workplace atmosphere. Drink your work beverage out of a pirate’s goblet to add to the festivities. Bring in some extra goblets for others to partake. Adding a ‘for pirate’s only’ sign by the beverage area will add extra ambiance.

Private parties
Pirates are popular themes for parties and celebrations of all types. This includes birthdays, costume, baby showers, anniversaries, cruise ships, concert attendance, etc. You may even want to hold an impromptu “no reason” party of close friends with a pirate theme. Whatever it is, pirate decorations will add to the festivities.

Instead of stashing your pirate-themed decorations away for only Halloween, extend your creativity and use them year-round. Your spirit and mental outlook will thank you.

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