7 Tips On Wearing Sexy Zombie Costumes

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Look around you and notice zombies everywhere. They are in the movies, magazines, videos and newspapers. You can do your part to become a part of the living dead by choosing from a number of sexy zombie costumes. Below are some suggestions to take into consideration.

1. Be a living dead sex goddess

Nothing says sexiness more than a black dress. For zombie appeal, we put a twist on the standard black dress. We offer a low-cut layered version that is covered in tattered gauze. The long sleeves end with tattered and pointed edges that are reminiscent of something downright sexy and scary at the same time. Complete the ensemble by putting on the provided tattered footless tights. You must provide your own shoes.

No sex goddess is complete without wearing a long, flowing wig. Since you will be coming back from the dead, choose an appropriate-colored gray wig. When the wig accentuates your enticing neckline, watch the heads turn!

2. Dressing as the ever-popular blood-dripping bride

Many consider brides sexy and alluring. The zombie version takes it to a new level. The white wedding gown is covered in dripping blood. It is obvious the bride has been enjoying her feast of wedding guests. The dress has a white lace-up front bodice, short puffy sleeves and a layered attached curved hem. Since no wedding gown is complete without a headpiece, be sure to wear the plasma-stained one provided. It comes adorned with white and black satin bows.

3. Men can be the sexy groom

Be the dead groom who impresses. There is something appealing about men who wear a formal white tuxedo. Put a zombie flair on the traditional by wearing a costume that looks dirty, has vinyl lapels and tattered hems. The costume package comes with a black, matching bow tie and shirt dickey. The skull buttons add a delightful zombie twist. Pants are not included in this package. You must supply your own. Choose black to show others your class and elegance.

4. Something for the innocent

Innocence can be downright sexy. Show your allure by taking on the persona of a zombie housewife. This costume includes a halter-style knee-length black dress covered in pink polka dots. The tattered blood-dripped overlay adds to the sexy zombie look. Put on the blood-stained belt and fit in perfectly with any zombie surrounding. Bring your own shoes to the ensemble. Black heels would be ideal.

5. Wear sexy zombie make-up

No transformation is complete without make-up. This applies to both men and women. Circle your eyes in the red-colored shadow to give that scary, yet sexy, look. Any zombie lover knows that black eyeliner is crucial for highlighting those spooky eyes. Use plenty of it to emphasize the affect and have heads turning. Don’t forget the grease paint or blood make-up. It can turn your human skin into that envied by any member of the living dead.

6. Remember accessories

Remember to choose wigs, glasses, gloves, leg coverings and other essential accessories to complete your zombie transformation. Halloween Mart offers something for everyone.

7. Include some blood

No zombie costume would be complete without adding some bloody effects. Choose from tube to gallon-sized liquid blood containers. Apply a smidgeon of blood gel to a strategic place to emphasize your goriness. Consider a blood drop or two on your face to increase sexiness.

Sexy zombie costumes can be a fun, and entertaining way to show your love for the living dead. Consulting with a trained professional, like those at Halloween Mart, will make the process easier.

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