5 Types Of Celebrity Costumes

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Celebrity costumes provide the perfect opportunity for taking on the persona of a favorite character. Publicly show your love by wearing any number of popular costumes throughout the year. Below are some suggestions to take into consideration.

1. Marilyn Monroe

No one stands out in the minds of classic Hollywood as much as Marilyn Monroe. She had her own unique look, character and ambiance that has withstood the sands of time. Women can turn heads by showing up as this all-time favorite celebrity.

Perhaps the most famous scene of her career all-time is the one from “The Seven Year Itch” movie. Movie lovers will remember her wearing that enticing white halter dress which seductively catches the air from the vent underneath. Women can emulate Marilyn by wearing the seductive costume which includes the classic halter neckline and pleated skirt. Complete the sex symbol transformation by wearing a platinum blonde wig and white high heels.

2. Jersey Shore characters

Jersey Shores has taken the reality show world by storm. It has become one of the most popular of all times. Men and women can dress up as their favorite character in an affordable and high-quality manner to show their support.

Men can wear a Situation costume that consists of a screen print tank top and six-pack muscle chest shirt. Jeans are not included. The costume fits 38-44 chest sizes. Remember to use some hair mousse to transform hair into a pointed pompadour to complete the persona.

Another option is dressing up as the ever-popular Pauly D. Dix. This costume includes a muscle shirt that comes complete with a DJ Pauly D emblazoned across the chest. Finish off the outfit by wearing some headphones, using hair gel, and supplying your own jeans.

The Snooki costume is perfect for women lovers of the show. This expressive costume is a replica of her famous deep-cut, halter-style leopard dress. Remember to buy a long-flowing black wig and high platform shoes to complete the ensemble.

3. Classic rock

There will always be a love affair with classic rock and roll. Do your part by dressing up as one of the Beatles from the Sergeant Pepper period. Picture the cover of this all-time favorite album and you get an idea about the costume. Costumes are available in vibrant blue, red, green, and pink. These colorful delights include the military-inspired long jacket attired with gold trim, buttons and white button fasteners. Each costume includes a pair of matching pants, which have the classic white leg stripe.

For those not wanting matching jacket and pants, consider buying a jacket. Halloween Mart title these as The Pepper British Explosion. Choose among blue for Paul, red for George, green for John, and purple for Ringo. Don’t forget the mustache and wig, black pants and black shoes to complete your transformation.

4. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has become one of the most popular modern day performers. Women can choose from a number of costumes. The low-cut bright green Pop Monster, black sequin dress, and Poker Face costumes will surely have heads turning.

5. Celebrity Standards

No mention of celebrity costumes is complete without mentioning Michael Jackson’s Thriller look, Elvis look-a-likes, Hugh Hefner and Sexy Girlfriends, and/or Kiss ensembles. These are all considered costuming standards due to long-standing popularity in the industry. Visiting a reputable costuming provider like Halloween Mart is sure to have the look you need to show your celebrity love.

Consulting with a trained costume professional is recommended to save money, time, and frustration.

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