4 Types Of Top Hats For Sale

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Everyone needs to check into buying some top hats for sale. They are the perfect accessory for any occasion, costume or outfit. They allow you to take on a new persona or simply add personality to whatever you are wearing. This article discusses four types available for sale.

1. Show some rabbit love

What would Alice in Wonderland be without the white rabbit? You can show your love by wearing a rabbit-eared top hat. This black hat is decorated with a checkered ribbon and bow that resembles a French cuff. Picture a white rabbit with its fluffy white ears and pink flesh and you get an idea of what this hat looks like. There is a fluffy ear on each side of the hat. The ears have a mild floppy appearance to add extra delight and appeal. The hat fits most teens and adults.

2. Bring out the Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is another famous character from Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp made the character famous in the 2010 movie version of this classic. Wear a character-styled hat to bring smiles to everyone around. The hat has a camouflage appearance. The bright orange contrasting ribbon adds some extra color to this accessory. We cannot forget the beautiful peacock feather that adorns the hat’s right side.

Do you want a style other than the movie version? No worries here. Halloween Mart sells a deluxe version that may suit your liking. This dark green velvet-appearing hat has a beautiful cream-colored surrounding ribbon that is decorated with red large polka dots. The pewter buckle in front adds to the charm. With the large right-sided white message area, you are bound to be the talk of wherever you go. One size fits most teens and adults.

For the traditionalist in you, consider buying the classic version of the Mad Hatter hat. Remember the tea party scene of the movie and you get an idea what this colorful hat looks like. It is a bright olive green with a stunning metallic turquoise ribbon. Add the white message board to the side and you can participate in any tea party you choose.

3. Bring on the patriotism

Uncle Sam and his top hat are symbols of Independence Day in the United States. Show your patriotism by wearing a giant velvet Uncle Sam hat. The brim is red and white striped. The vertical red and white stripes are enhanced by the blue-starred surrounding ribbon.

A smaller version is available. This is perfect for conservative individuals. The red top, red and white striped body, combined with the blue rim and ribbon will make a fashion statement.

Why not buy one of each? Then you could have a different look available whenever the occasion or mood hits you? Just be prepared in case you are asked to lead a march or conduct a community band.

4. All all-purpose black hat

Satin black top hats serve a variety of purposes. The deluxe black satin version is the perfect accessory for that elegant tuxedo you need to wear to formal occasions. It also fits in perfectly with Renaissance outfits, vampire attire and showing love for Lincoln. No man’s wardrobe is complete without having at least one of these important fashion accessories in it.

Top hats come in a variety of styles, colors and shapes. Finding the one that suits your needs can add pizzazz to any outfit.

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