4 Tips For Buying Discount Halloween Costumes

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Dressing up on Halloween can easily overextend the family budget. With so many choices available, it is important to buy your discount Halloween costumes from only reputable providers. Implementing the below recommendations will help.

1. Look for special codes

Some costume providers offer customer incentives like buy 1, get one for half price. This is a great way to stretch the family budget. You can buy a costume for yourself, stock up for next year, or share the order with another friend or family member. The options are limitless. Sales items will be clearly marked with a red “Sale” tag or other form of identification.

In order to get these special deals, customers may need to use a provided code. Restrictions usually apply to these discount prices. Halloween Mart, for instance, has what is termed a BOGO sale. This sale reduces already low-priced costumes to very cheap and affordable prices. Customers are required to use a BOBO2012 code during order placement. Customers wanting to order more than two costumes can do so by emailing or calling customer service. It is also important to note that this special offer cannot be combined with other discounts, offers, or coupons.

2. Buy quality merchandise

Many costume providers can sell low-priced merchandise because the quality is low. Low-cost materials and lower-end labor will lower manufacturing costs. Lower manufacturing costs, in turn, can be reflected in lower selling prices. Avoid low quality at all costs. Low quality can easily transfer into ripped seams and torn materials. That can be embarrassing. You want your costume to stand up to body movement and different uses.

Buy your costume from a reputable costume provider, like Halloween Mart, which takes pride in helping customers satisfy their costuming needs. Reputable companies will only sell high-quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

3. Use customer service

Halloween and its costuming options can be confusing and overwhelming to some customers. This is where customer service can help. They can help save you money. Find a costume provider that is specially trained in the costuming industry. These professionals will understand what is available to fit your budget and individual needs. They take into consideration your sizing needs, budgetary restrictions, shipping requirements and similar items.

Individuals living in the Las Vegas area would do well to visit Halloween Mart’s retail store. It is open year-round to satisfy all costuming needs. Dealing face-to-face with a customer service representative can be fun, stimulating, and creative.

Ask about a provider’s return policy when contacting customer service. Nothing can be more frustrating than receiving a costume shipment that does not fit or is not what it appeared online. Find out which party pays for return shipping expenses.

4. Understand shipping policies

Some online retailers offer shipping options. Customers can request overnight shipping or other methods. Check with individual providers to get details. Providers like Halloween Mart, for instance, offer free ground shipping on orders totaling more than $50. Customers must use the special code FREESHIPPING when requesting this money-saving offer.

Remember that discount Halloween costumes can be worn throughout the year. Consulting with a trained professional will help stretch your budgetary resources.

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