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SEAL Team Deluxe
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SEAL Team Deluxe
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Paying homage to the United States Navy's Sea, Air, and Land Teams who fight the War on Terror? SEALs have been utilized almost exclusively for land-based operations, including Direct Action, Hostage Rescue, Counter Terrorism, Special Reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense operations, and now to PARTAAYYYY!!! Realistic forest green, sand, dirt brown, and black long sleeved camouflage jumpsuit, combined with a "bullet proof" style black vest with utility pockets and " SEAL TEAM SPECIAL WARFARE" emblem printed in left chest, black thigh holster, black thigh pouch, black knee pads, black baseball cap, and one hundred push ups creates the perfect military machine!


Sizing Information
ST = 38-42
XL = 44-48

Price: $54.99
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