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Disco 70's Angel Flight Pants - Black
Item # – 60801992-BK
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Whether you're dressing up for Halloween, or doing Friday night shopping to outfit yourself for Saturday Night Fever, there will be no need to invest in new threads once you don this Adult Disco '70s Pants! Get ready to boogie with these pants and you'll be stayin' alive all evening on the dance floor. For a look that would get you past the bouncer and into the revelry of Studio 54, make sure to check out our complete line of '70s wigs, boots, shoes, and accessories.  This costume includes only the pants, but we have some groovy shirts to match!


Sizing Information
XS = 30x34
S = 32x34
M = 34x34
L = 36x36
XL = 38x36
Price: $29.99
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