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50s Halloween Costumes - Grease Costumes For Adults - Fifties Costumes

50s Halloween Costumes - Grease Costumes For Adults - Fifties Costumes

Oh the magical fifties, a decade that saw the rise of music parents hated, great tasting malts at the diner and cars built for drag racing! The fifties were also years that a collection of great looking, vintage outfits were created. The style of clothing worn in the fifties is still a part of popular culture today with the musical and film adaptations of Grease and retro diners. As a result 50s Halloween costumes have become a popular outfit for Halloween for kids of all ages.
Pink Poodle Skirt
Price: $29.99
Black Poodle Skirt
Price: $29.99
Poodle Dress Costume
Price: $29.99
Class Nerd Costume
Price: $39.99
Bowling Queen Shirt
Price: $19.99
Frenchie - Beauty School Drop Out
Price: $44.99
Bad Sandy T-Birds Jacket
Price: $69.99
Pink Ladies Jacket
Price: $24.99
Pink Satin Jacket
Price: $22.99
I've Got Chills - Sandy Costume
Price: $29.99
Bad Betty Costume
Price: $94.99

50s Halloween Costumes

The Halloween Mart carries a wide supply of great looking fifties costumes and 50s Halloween costumes to make the next Halloween a vintage affair!

Halloween Mart is an online source for Halloween costumes and costumes for all other major holidays of the year. The company was created back in 1994 and has established a tremendous reputation for offering the best Halloween costumes on the market. An individual shopping for classy looking fifties costumes and Grease costumes for adults will love the incredible selection offered by Halloween mart.

50s Halloween costumes and fifties costumes will possess a look that is unique to that decade. People that are dressing up as a child of the fifties want a look that is hip, slick and cool. Halloween Mart makes finding that look a simple process.

Women looking for 50s Halloween costumes have a beautiful selection of dresses and skirts to choose from that will make people think the fifties had returned for the evening. Dancing at sock hops were a popular activity during that era and Halloween Mart carries a collection of sock hop tops in a variety of flashy colors. The perfect match for a sock hop top is the poodle skirt and customers will be able to choose from great looking black or pink poodle skirts. A poodle dress costume or sock hop sweetie costume are perfect fifties costumes for the ladies.

The gentlemen have plenty of great 50s Halloween costumes to choose from as well. Guys can dress up as a class nerd or wear the Buddy Holly look with a Good Buddy costume from Halloween Mart. Bowling outfits are available for the men and the ladies to wear.

Best of all, clients looking for Grease costumes for adults are going to be thrilled with the selection from Halloween Mart. Grease was set during the fifties and the outfits worn by the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies are fun to wear. Guys will look ultra cool in a Danny T-Bird jacket. Women are going to look fabulous in a Pink Ladies jacket and extremely sexy wearing a Sandy costume that screams “I’ve Got Chills!”

Halloween Mart is the online destination for costumes year round. Customers will find the best selection of costumes for the next masquerade party, major holidays such as Christmas and tailgate parties for a favorite football team. Be sure to shop from Halloween Mart all year long for 50s Halloween costumes, fifties costumes, Grease costumes for adults and costumes for all other occasions of the year!

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