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Tashtastic OppoSuit
Item # – 739OSUI-0008
Tashtastic OppoSuit
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The moustache is back in fashion! OppoSuits is a big fan of a bit of facial hair on the upper lip (of a guy, we’re not too sure about girls with a tash) and to declare our love we have designed Tashtastic. This awesome suit, a real OppoSuits classic in black and white, comes with the tie. Ron Burgundy, Tom Selleck, Zorro, Borat, Albert Einstein, Chuck Norris, Ghandi, Ringo Starr and Lionel Richie have all sported a moustache. Don’t tell us they haven’t made it?! OppoSuits are a 3 piece set consisting of a jacket, pants and a tie.


Sizing Information
S/M = Jacket 40, Pants 35 x 33 
M/L = Jacket 44, Pants 37 x 34
XL = Jacket 48, Pants 41 x 35
Price: $99.99