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Cookie Girl Costume
Item # – 6136046
Cookie Girl Costume
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Scout's honor - this Cookie Girl has the best cookies on the block. Whether you are looking to have just a nibble or a mouthful, this girl has got the goods you are looking for. The sweet treat inside her box is so addictive you'll have to have it more than once. Dip them in milk, put ice cream in between two of them or just go at them just as they are because anyway you do it your sweet tooth will be satisfied. Cookies aren't the only thing this girl has earned a badge for. Check out the badges on her sash and you'll know she's a paddling pro, always makes an effort in a group and is a knot tying virtuoso. Guess you just never know what to expect when this Cookie Girl rings your bell. Dressed in lycra hot pants and crop top her uniform wouldn't be complete without badge sash and necktie.


Sizing Information
M/L = 8-10
Price: $20.00
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