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Beer Pong Costume
Item # – 6116028
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Have you been invited to a costume party and have no idea what to wear? Why not turn yourself into the number one game played at colleges, universities, sporting events and tailgating parties - Beer Pong! The rules to the game are simple; when a ball lands in a cup the defending team must consume all the beer inside that cup. The rules to wearing this costume are even simpler once in your own clothes just put on this one piece foam and fabric door, complete with gold door handle and get ready to rock.  The hardest part will be staying on your feet - you'll be such a hit everyone will want you to lay down so that the games can begin. Not only will you get everyone's attention you'll surely be a-door-ed by all the ladies! Costume does not include red cups. Cups may be purchased at your local grocery store.


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Price: $29.99
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