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Star Wars Masks - Chewbacca Mask - Darth Vader Helmet

Star Wars Masks - Chewbacca Mask - Darth Vader Helmet

Star Wars costumes are popular costume choices for kids of all ages, outfits that can be worn for Halloween, Comicon and other Star Wars events year round. The Halloween Mart has a collection of Star Wars costumes and Star Wars masks that will help anyone put together the perfect Star Wars outfit.
Darth Vader Collectible Mask
Price: $1,099.99
Clone Trooper Collectible Helmet
Price: $1,099.99
Chewbacca Deluxe Mask
Price: $109.99
Emperor Palpatine Deluxe Mask
Price: $54.99
Darth Vader Super Deluxe Mask
Price: $139.99
Clone Trooper Collectors Helmet
Price: $74.99
Watto Mask
Price: $29.99
Darth Vader 2 Part Mask
Price: $39.99
Clone Trooper Helmet
Price: $39.99
Yoda Deluxe Mask
Price: $37.99
Boba Fett Collectors Helmet
Price: $74.99
Jango Fett Collectors Helmet
Price: $99.99
Saesee Tiin Mask
Price: $59.99
EP2 Kit Fisto Mask
Price: $59.99
X-Wing Fighter Helmet
Price: $119.99
Stormtrooper Helmet
Price: $89.99
Plo Koon Mask
Price: $59.99
Naboo Starfighter Helmet Mask
Price: $49.99
C-3PO Mask
Price: $39.99
Darth Maul Mask
Price: $29.99

Star Wars Masks

Science fiction became a wildly popular movie genre when the first Star Wars movie of the original trilogy was released in May 1977. More than thirty years later the Star Wars movies are still considered to be some of the most popular of all-time. This is a movie series that has been viewed by several generations and the characters from Star Wars are truly loved by their fans. Even the characters from the evil Galactic Empire are popular figures.

Halloween Mart was the first online costume store to sell Halloween costumes, costumes for other major holidays such the Fourth of July and Christmas and costumes for other events such as office parties. The Halloween Mart also sells a wide selection of costume accessories such as Star Wars masks and Halloween decorations so people can easily accessorize their costumes and decorate the home for Halloween in grand style. All costumes are sold by the Halloween Mart at discounted prices. Customers that select a Star Wars costume love this since it gives them plenty of extra money to choose a great looking Darth Vader helmet or Chewbacca mask to complement their costume.

Whether an individual is fonder of the original trilogy or episodes I-III, Star Wars fans get attached to a certain character or characters from the movies. There are great heroes and villains from Star Wars to be played when dressing in costume, so the Halloween Mart makes sure to have costumes and Star Wars masks for a variety of characters.

Chewbacca was one of the primary characters from episodes IV-VI and makes a small appearance in episode III. This wookie became one of the beloved creatures from Star Wars and is a very popular costume choice for Star Wars fans of any age. The deluxe Chewbacca mask from Halloween Mart is a latex overhead mask, completely covered with hand-layered multicolored long hair fur. This quality Chewbacca mask looks just like the actual wookie!

Darth Vader is the primary figure in the Galactic Empire and a powerful Jedi knight from the Dark Side of the Force. Customers can find a Darth Vader helmet in several styles, such as a two-part Darth Vader helmet, super deluxe Darth Vader helmet or a Darth Vader collectible mask.

Halloween Mart makes the different types of Star Wars masks available for people wanting to dress up for Halloween and sci-fi conventions. Shop from the Halloween Mart today for great looking costumes for occasions year round being sold at discounted prices!

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