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Funny and Comical Halloween Costume Masks

Funny Halloween Costume Face Masks

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington Mask
Price: $12.99
Sports Headz Football Fanatic Mask
Price: $5.00
Old Lady Mask With Scarf
Price: $19.99
Simpsons - Bart Simpson Mask
Price: $29.99
Simpsons - Homer Simpson Mask
Price: $34.99
Zombama Mask
Price: $24.99
Bin Laden Bullet Hole
Price: $19.99
Conehead Mask
Price: $24.99
Palin Rogue Zombie
Price: $19.99
Cheatah Mask
Price: $14.99
Big Bad Wolf Mask
Price: $29.99
Horace Face Mask
Price: $18.99
Old Man Moving Mouth Mask
Price: $19.99

Funny Costume Face Masks

If you're thinking of dressing up as your favorite cartoon character for your next costume party, don't forget to add a matching mask. Even if your outfit is perfect down to the last detail, it just won't be complete without the face to top it off. With a great cartoon character mask, however, your transformation will be complete. If you're good at impersonating the voice of your character, too, not even your friends will be able to recognize you.

At HalloweenMart, we pride ourselves on having the most extensive selection of costumes, masks, decorations, and props on the Internet. With over 10,000 items to choose from, you'll never be at a loss for ideas. When it comes to cartoon masks, we have tons of options. Some of our popular picks include Brutus and Popeye, Batman, the Grinch, and more.

If you're showing up at a costume party with a group, why not go as the cast of the Simpsons? We carry masks for Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Mr. Burns--everyone you need to bring the people of Springfield to your hometown. Our Simpsons masks are made of sculpted latex, and fit fully over the head.

If you don't see the cartoon character mask you're looking for on our site, simply call us and tell us what you're seeking. As the top source for costumes on the Web, we have many connections with national vendors and can usually track down and order virtually any type of mask or costume you like.


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