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Clown Costume Accessories - Noses, Wigs, Hats and Shoes

Clown Supplies - Clown Shoes - Clown Wigs

The toys and gadgets that clowns use as part of their act may be the main draw for people wanting to wear a clown costume. The Halloween Mart has a great selection of clown costumes and an even better collection of clown shoes, clown wigs and clown supplies.
Rainbow Suspenders
Price: $7.99
Giant Squirting Flower
Price: $4.99
Camera - Squirt
Price: $1.99
Giant Fake Lollipop
Price: $4.99
Bulb Horn
Price: $8.99
Deluxe Clown Squeeze Horn
Price: $4.99
Jester Cane
Price: $20.99
Mehron Cream Makeup Color Cups
Price: $5.99
Purple Pigtail Wig
Price: $19.99
Green Pigtail Wig
Price: $19.99
Jester Hat Hair Clip
Price: $4.99
Clown Light Up mask
Price: $19.99
Psycho Jester Cane
Price: $24.99
Buck Teeth
Price: $14.99
Clown Necktie
Price: $3.99
Flashing Nose
Price: $3.99
Jumbo Clown Sneakers
Price: $29.99
Rainbow Clown Wig
Price: $14.99
Clown Shoe With Toe Sock
Price: $16.99
Deluxe Vinyl Clown Shoe
Price: $24.99
Kid's Clown Wig
Price: $7.99
Krazy Klown FX Kit
Price: $19.99
Jumbo Foam Bow Tie
Price: $6.99
Jumbo Clown Glasses
Price: $3.99
Clown Nose Jumbo
Price: $2.99
Clown Nose-Small
Price: $1.99

Clown Supplies

A popular costume choice for Halloween every year for adults and children is a clown. Clowns are everywhere, at birthday parties, the circus and fun houses at the fair. The unique look of a clown, whether a fun look or the scary look that is shown in some horror movies, is part of what makes dressing up in costume as a clown such an enjoyable experience.

The Halloween Mart is a costume store that was first established back in 1994. This was the first internet based Halloween costume store and Halloween accessories store. The company established a great reputation early of providing great customer service, great costume and accessory selection and great prices. The Halloween Mart always sells its clown supplies, clown costumes and costumes for major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving at discounted prices below retail.

More than 10,000 high quality costumes are sold by the Halloween Mart today. That many costumes means there are plenty of costume accessories for every type of costume on sale. Clown costumes look great, but adding the right kind of accessories to any clown costume will make the outfit even more spectacular.

Take a look at the clown shoes worn by different clowns and an individual will always see shoes designed to make people laugh. Clown shoes are specifically designed for the work a clown does and usually come in bright colors. Most clown shoes are also oversized, causing kids seeing them to laugh even more. The Halloween Mart has clown shoes in styles such as jumbo clown sneakers, red polka dot shoes, clown shoes with toe socks and deluxe vinyl clown shoes.

No clown ever appears in public with his or her actual hair exposed. Clown wigs are a vital part of any costume and Halloween Mart has an awesome selection of great looking clown wigs. Take a look at the rainbow clown wigs, red clown wigs and kid’s clown wigs that are available.

One of the many ways a clown can make people laugh is by using the toys and gadgets clowns are well known for having. The Halloween Mart has a great collection of clown supplies that include a giant squirting sunflower, squirt camera, giant fake lollipop, bulb horn or the deluxe clown squeeze horn. There are also clown supplies clowns need to complete a costume, including clown noses, bowties and jumbo glasses.

Shop from the Halloween Mart today when shopping for costumes and accessories for any occasion of the year. The Halloween Mart has costumes for events such as the Renaissance Faire and Mardi Gras and holidays such as the Fourth of July and Easter. Clown supplies such as clown shoes and clown wigs are on sale from the Halloween Mart today!

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