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Costume Capes for Adults and Kids

Superhero Capes - Vampire Cape - Kids Capes

A cape is a great example of a very simple yet very effective accessory that can be added to the costumes of vampires, magicians, devils, counts and superheroes. The Halloween Mart not only has an extensive supply of great looking costumes but plenty of superhero capes, kids capes and a vampire cape to complement any costume.
Full Size Cape
Price: $19.99
Velvet Formal Cape
Price: $34.99
Ombre' Black Hooded Cape
Price: $19.99
Black Child's Cape
Price: $7.99
Hooded Black Cape
Price: $22.99
White Hooded Cape
Price: $22.99
Elvis Cape
Price: $29.99
The Haunted
Price: $49.99
Super Hero Cape
Price: $24.99
Child Pink Cape
Price: $29.99
Sawtoooth Cape
Price: $14.99
Child Panne Cape
Price: $19.99
Child Taffeta Cape Red/Black
Price: $9.99
36" Child's Superman Cape
Price: $12.99
Child Batman/Superman Reversible Cape
Price: $15.99
Superman Child Cape w/ Embroidered Superman Logo
Price: $14.99
Vampire Cape
Price: $54.99
Satin Black Cape W/Red Lining
Price: $29.99
Hooded Red Cape
Price: $22.99
36" Taffetta Cape - Red
Price: $7.99
Hooded Panne Cape
Price: $29.99
Deluxe Reversible Cape
Price: $19.99
Cape 50" Black Hooded Child
Price: $9.99

Superhero Capes

Many of the costumes sold by the Halloween Mart will contain everything a person needs to be set for Halloween or any other occasion when wearing a costume is part of the experience. However, there are a number of occasions when an additional piece added to the costume would make the effect of the outfit much more pronounced.

The Halloween Mart was first established back in 1994. This was the first internet based company to sell costumes for Halloween, other types of events and many other major holidays. Halloween Mart has succeeded for over fifteen years because the company believes in providing exceptional service, a fine selection of costumes and accessories and affordable prices. Superhero capes and kids capes are always sold at discounted prices that are below retail without any sacrifice in the quality of service from Halloween Mart.

Today more than 10,000 high quality costumes are on sale from the Halloween Mart. Many of the costumes look even better with an accessory or two added to complete the outfit. Take a look at the Halloween costumes and costumes for other occasions sold by the Halloween Mart and imagine what outfits will look even better with the addition of a vampire cape, magician cape or superhero capes.

A vampire cape is the perfect accessory to complete any of the vampire costumes from Halloween Mart. Customers can buy a vampire cape in a variety of styles such as a satin black cape with red lining, hooded red cape, vampire cape or full size cape.

Kids capes can be used with vampire or superhero outfits and are made in the right manner to fit a child just right and look great. Children can wear 50” black hooded kids capes or a black child’s cape.

Many superheroes wear a cape as part of their outfits. When dressing up as Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman, superhero capes make great accessories to any superhero costume for a child or an adult. The Halloween Mart has a great collection of superhero capes to complete any superhero costume.

Halloween Mart sells costumes for many holidays and events besides Halloween. Take a look at the selection from Halloween Mart for Christmas costumes, birthday party outfits, Easter outfits and costumes for Mardi Gras. Many of the scary costumes from Halloween Mart could use a good looking vampire cape and superhero capes will complete any superhero costume. Shop from the Halloween Mart today!

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