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>Halloween Fake Blood - Fake Blood Makeup - Buy Fake Blood

Halloween Fake Blood - Fake Blood Makeup - Buy Fake Blood

The Halloween Mart has a variety of great looking vampire costumes to choose from and one of the best accessories to buy with any vampire costume is Halloween fake blood. When a client of the Halloween Mart buys fake blood a myriad of frightening and exciting options come into play to make the holiday even more exciting.
Blood 1 oz tube
Price: $2.49
Mehron Stage Blood .5 oz
Price: $2.99
Blood FX 1oz Carded
Price: $6.99
Blood Gel 1 oz
Price: $6.99
Bottle of Blood - Pint
Price: $12.99
Gallon of Blood
Price: $39.99
Blood FX 8 oz
Price: $19.99
Blood Gel 8 oz
Price: $19.99
Blood Capsules
Price: $1.99
Black Zombie Blood 16oz.
Price: $9.99
Mehron 3D Blood Gel .5 oz
Price: $5.99
Bloody Bandage
Price: $3.99
Vampiress Blood Drop Jewels
Price: $3.99
Blood Writer
Price: $7.99
Squirt Blood .5 oz
Price: $3.99

Halloween Fake Blood

Halloween is a time of year when things happen that are frightening to many people. Ghosts haunt the streets, zombies come out from their graves, witches fly through the sky and werewolves prowl the cities. Vampires are one of the more terrifying creatures to make an appearance during Halloween as they hunt their prey seeking blood. Kids and adults have made dressing as a vampire a popular costume choice for years.

The Halloween Mart is an online shopping source for Halloween costumes and accessories that originally opened back in 1994. This company has established a fine reputation during its existence as a quality resource for Halloween costumes and costumes for other major holidays and events. The Halloween Mart also sells accessories such as fake blood makeup when an individual wishes to add a little extra detail to the face, body or clothing. Today the Halloween Mart has an inventory of more than 10,000 high quality costumes, all of which are sold at discounted prices.

There are many different types of costumes where adding Halloween fake blood would work well. Obviously an individual dressing as a vampire could use blood as a prop. Even better would be a situation where a couple went to a Halloween party dressed as a vampire and the victim of the creature, with strategically placed fake blood makeup as part of the costume. An individual dressed as a boxer or mixed martial arts fighter would do well to buy fake blood from the Halloween Mart to add something extra to the fighter’s face and body.

Customers looking for Halloween fake blood can buy different quantities depending on whether the fake blood makeup will simply be for the costume of one person or to use for an entire Halloween setting. The Halloween Mart allows people to buy fake blood in quantities of one ounce, one pint or one gallon. There is also Halloween fake blood in bottles of gel, blood capsules and spray blood.

The Halloween Mart sells costumes for other holidays such as Easter and the Fourth of July, plus events throughout the year like school plays and the Renaissance Faire. The costumes and accessories such as Halloween fake blood and fake blood makeup are on sale today from the Halloween Mart!

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