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Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers - Wizard Of Oz Shoes - Dorothy Ruby Shoes

Today musicals such as “Wicked” keep the spirit of The Wizard of Oz alive and well with newer generations. Many people love to dress up in costume as characters from The Wizard of Oz. The costumes Dorothy and the other characters wore all have various accessories as part of their wardrobes. The Halloween Mart carries Wizard of Oz accessories such as Wizard of Oz ruby slippers, Wizard of Oz shoes and Dorothy ruby shoes.
Lion Headpiece Wig
Price: $22.99
Oz Heart Clock
Price: $6.99
Red Sequin Peek-a-Boo
Price: $42.99
Badge of Courage
Price: $4.99
Lion Kit
Price: $14.99
Rhinestone Heel - Red
Price: $159.99
Ruby Platform Dorothy Shoe
Price: $29.99
Toto in a Basket
Price: $19.99
Witch Shoe Covers - Adult
Price: $7.99
Witch Shoes 7-8
Price: $24.99
Oz Crown
Price: $34.99
Ruby Slipper Shoe Covers - Adult
Price: $6.99
Ruby Slippers - Child
Price: $5.99
Dorothy Wig (Child or Adult)
Price: $15.99
Ruby Sequin Dorothy Shoe - Child
Price: $29.99
Ruby Sequin Dorothy Shoe - Adult
Price: $34.99

Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

Many people believe “The Wizard of Oz” is one of cinema’s greatest achievements. This movie remains a classic today and is played every year during certain holidays such as Christmas. The story of Dorothy being swept away to the Land of Oz is a family favorite and made cultural icons of the characters from the story. Children learn at an early age just how important the characters of Dorothy, The Wizard, The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion, The Tin Man, The Good Witch of the North and The Wicked Witch of the West are in popular culture.

Halloween Mart first became a prominent part of the world of ecommerce back in 1994. This company was the first online business to specialize in selling Halloween costumes, costumes for other holidays such as the Fourth of July and costumes for other events like office parties. The Halloween Mart has remained a successful business for over fifteen years due to a strong commitment to excellent customer service, affordable prices on all costumes and accessories and an excellent selection of costumes. Today the Halloween Mart has over 10,000 high quality costumes in stock.

Wizard of Oz costumes are an extremely popular costume choice. Dorothy was the main protagonist from the story and the Halloween Mart has an excellent selection of Dorothy ruby shoes available. These shoes provided magic when clicked together three times while chanting “there’s no place like home.” Dorothy ruby shoes from the Halloween Mart include ruby sequin Dorothy shoes for children or adults and ruby platform Dorothy shoes.

There is a very cute collection of Wizard of Oz ruby slippers that people can choose when shopping from the Halloween Mart for Wizard of Oz shoes. The Wizard of Oz ruby slippers include adult ruby slipper shoe covers and child ruby slippers.

Some of the other Wizard of Oz shoes in stock include red sequin peek-a-boos, ruby heels, rhinestone red heels, witch shoes and witch shoe covers for kids or adults.

Wizard of Oz shoes and Dorothy ruby shoes are just some of the accessories sold by the Halloween Mart. When an individual is shopping for quality costumes for Halloween, Christmas or beauty pageants, Halloween Mart is the best online source for costumes and accessories at discounted prices!

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