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Police and Prisoner Costume Accessories

Police Costume Accessories - Plastic Handcuffs - Sheriff Badge

Part of the fun of dressing as a cop is the collection of police costume accessories such as handcuffs and badges that are vital parts of the uniform. The Halloween Mart has an extensive supply of Halloween costumes, costumes for other holidays such as Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo, and other events such as office parties.
Police/Referee Whistle
Price: $2.99
Cop Necklace
Price: $7.99
Handcuff Necklace
Price: $9.99
Police Badge
Price: $2.99
Ball & Chain
Price: $7.99
Body Shackle
Price: $19.99
Police Utility Belt
Price: $14.99
Sequin Police Hat
Price: $29.99
Police Baton
Price: $7.99
Deluxe British Bobby Hat
Price: $22.99
Deluxe Police Hat w/Badge - Navy
Price: $12.99
Deluxe Black Police Hat w/Badge
Price: $12.99
Jumbo Sheriff's Badge
Price: $1.99
Fuzzy Handcuffs
Price: $6.99
Handcuffs Metal
Price: $6.99
Police Officer Kit - Adult
Price: $19.99
Policeman Belt - Child
Price: $17.99
Police Badge on Chain
Price: $15.99
Shackles-Wrist or Ankle
Price: $4.99
Cop Badge and ID Holder
Price: $14.99
Policeman's Badge - Metal
Price: $5.99
Ball & Chain
Price: $3.99
Billy Club
Price: $2.99
Judge's Gavel
Price: $6.99
Rhinestone Handcuffs
Price: $24.99

Police Costume Accessories

Dressing in costume as a police officer was the dream of many children. Police costumes are outfits that adults enjoy dressing in as well, so police costumes are popular costume choices for Halloween and other costume occasions.

The Halloween Mart was established back in 1994. This was the first online costume store that sold Halloween costumes. The Halloween Mart has stayed in business and done well for over fifteen years because the company offers great customer service, affordable pricing on all costumes and accessories and a great selection of costumes. Today the Halloween Mart sells more than 10,000 high quality costumes, all at discounted prices below regular retail.

Police costumes are one of the more popular costume styles Halloween Mart offers. This also means that the Halloween Mart sells many different kinds of police costume accessories that include plastic handcuffs and a sheriff badge. Adults and children will have a great time looking at all the different kinds of police costume accessories that are available when putting together the perfect policeman or policewoman costume.

Handcuffs are an absolute necessity for any police costume and the Halloween Mart has a great collection of plastic handcuffs and other types of handcuffs. Plastic handcuffs have the same look as the rigid metal handcuffs police officers use, but plastic handcuffs are safe to use as a costume accessory and when children are playing cops and robbers. The Halloween Mart has other types of restraints besides plastic handcuffs that include fuzzy handcuffs, shackles and a ball and chain.

Police officers have to carry a badge. There is a jumbo sheriff badge sold by the Halloween Mart made of plastic and measuring 5" X 4.5". In addition to a sheriff badge customers will find a police badge on a chain and cop badges with ID holders.

The Halloween Mart has many other kinds of police costume accessories available. People looking to complete their police costume can choose to wear police hats, cop whistles and policeman belts. Naturally a billy club is an essential part of any police officer costume.

The Halloween Mart sells Christmas and Valentine’s Day costumes as well as costumes for sporting events. Shop from the Halloween Mart today to find great looking costumes, including cop outfits and any necessary police costume accessories!

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