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Geisha & Samurai Costume Accessories

Geisha Wig - Japanese Fans - Geisha Shoes

The styles of outfits worn by the Japanese are quite elegant and unique. The female geishas and male samurai from Japan stand out as two classes of individuals that wore beautiful, sometimes flamboyant outfits when practicing their respective crafts. The Halloween Mart sells costumes that represent the outfits worn by both of these Japanese figures and sells accessories such as Japanese fans, geisha shoes and a geisha wig.
Sensei Wig & Beard
Price: $19.99
Geisha Sandal
Price: $44.99
White Lace Fan
Price: $9.99
Black Lace Fan
Price: $9.99
Xotic Eyes - Geisha Lips Body Art
Price: $7.99
Geisha Wig
Price: $19.99
Geisha Asian Lady Wig
Price: $19.99
Asian Warrior Wig
Price: $19.99

Geisha Wigs

The Halloween Mart was established as a store that sold high quality costumes and accessories back in 1994. More than fifteen years later Halloween Mart remains a vital shopping resource for Japanese fans, geisha shoes, other types of accessories and many styles of costumes. This is due to the fact Halloween Mart offers great customer service, affordable pricing and a fabulous selection of merchandise. All costumes and accessories sold by the Halloween Mart are sold at discounted prices, making shopping from the Halloween Mart for Halloween costumes and costumes for other holidays such as Easter and events such as the Renaissance Faire simple and affordable.

The Halloween Mart was the first internet based company to sell costumes and costume accessories completely on the web. Today Halloween Mart has an inventory of more than 10,000 high quality costumes. That many great looking costumes, including geisha and samurai outfits, means the Halloween Mart needs to have a wide supply of accessories for many different styles of outfits.

A geisha wig, Japanese fans and geisha shoes are just a few of the accessories Halloween Mart has to help a customer complete any geisha or samurai costume. Adults and children looking to dress in costume as either class of Japanese individual will find plenty of accessory options to finish off any costume.

The geisha wig from Halloween Mart captures the essence of the geisha style. This geisha wig features the trademark long hair on the sides that covers the ears and a little bob right on top of the head. The hairpins in the geisha wig can easily be removed.

Now that the head of a geisha has been taken care of it is time to put her in some good looking geisha shoes. The Halloween Mart has a pair of geisha shoes that are perfect for any geisha costume. These geisha shoes are sandals that come with a high base.

Once a geisha is appropriately dressed make sure she is holding on to classic Japanese fans to complete the costume. The Japanese fans from Halloween Mart come in white or black.

The Halloween Mart also has costumes for holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras, plus events such as birthday and masquerade parties. Shop from the Halloween Mart for great looking geisha costumes and find the right geisha wig and geisha shoes to match!

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