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Elvis Costume Accessories

Elvis Sunglasses - Elvis Wigs - Elvis Cape

Today Elvis is one the most impersonated celebrities and Elvis costumes are among the most popular type worn for Halloween and other events. The Halloween Mart has a variety of Elvis costume accessories such as Elvis sunglasses, Elvis wigs and an Elvis cape to make it possible for anyone to dress up as Elvis for Halloween.
Elvis Cape
Price: $29.99
Elvis Glasses w/ Sideburns
Price: $12.99
Elvis Wig
Price: $29.99
Elvis 3 Scarf Set
Price: $8.99
Silver Elvis Glasses
Price: $9.99
Sideburns - Black
Price: $19.99
Glitter Microphone
Price: $6.99
Elvis Rockstar Glasses
Price: $9.99

Elvis Sunglasses

One of the greatest performers in the history of rock music was “The King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley. Elvis was the consummate showman, a man who was bigger than the music he sang and played for his fans. His fans did not simply enjoy his music. They absolutely idolized the man, many worshipped the ground he walked on and many others followed every move he made during his illustrious career. His tragic and sudden death in August 1977 was a huge loss to the music world and a stunning blow to the public that adored him.

Halloween Mart has been in existence since 1994. This company was the first to sell Halloween costumes and costumes for other holidays such as Thanksgiving online. More than fifteen years later the Halloween Mart continues to be a vital online entity because of three main factors. First, Halloween Mart delivers great customer service to all its clients. Second, the Halloween Mart has a great collection of quality costumes and accessories. Third, the Halloween Mart has always sells its merchandise for discounted prices below retail pricing.

Today the Halloween Mart sells more than 10,000 high quality costumes to its customers, which means there are just as many top quality accessories to complement the outfits Halloween Mart has for sale. Since Elvis costumes are popular for Halloween, Elvis tribute events and for professional and amateur Elvis impersonators to wear, there is a strong need for accessories such as Elvis sunglasses, Elvis wigs and an Elvis cape.

Elvis often times wore a great looking set of shades, so Elvis sunglasses are a great accessory for any Elvis Presley costume. The Halloween Mart has silver Elvis sunglasses, rock and roll glasses and colored Elvis sunglasses. There is also an Elvis kit with rocker glasses and sideburns, a perfect choice for a quick and easy Elvis costume.

Elvis wigs from Halloween Mart are jet black with the huge head of hair and long sideburns that The King was so well-known for having. The Elvis cape recalls the years in Las Vegas for The King and features a bird on the cape made with gold, blue, and red screen print jewels. This cape is lined with red and attaches at the neck with velcro.

There are many other accessories for Elvis costumes from the Halloween Mart. Be sure to check Halloween Mart for costumes for all sorts of holidays and events throughout the year, plus any needed accessories for each costume. Shop from the Halloween Mart today!

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