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50s Accessories - Saddle Shoes - Poodle Skirt

The Halloween Mart not only sells great looking 50s costumes but also offers a tremendous selection of 50s accessories to complete any costume representing the fifties.
Fifties - T-Bird Wig
Price: $19.99
Saddle Shoes - Adult
Price: $31.99
Fifties Cat Eye Rhinestone Glasses
Price: $7.99
Fifties Narrow Tie
Price: $4.99
Saddle Shoe Spats
Price: $14.99
Bowling Bag Purse
Price: $14.99
Fifties Jewelry Set
Price: $6.99
Fifties Poodle Scarf
Price: $4.99
Lace Ruffle Anklet Sock - White
Price: $3.99
Deluxe Fifties Rock 'N Roll Wig
Price: $29.99
Switch Blade Comb
Price: $4.99
Knee Length Petticoat
Price: $29.99

50s Accessories

The fifties were a wonderful time in history. Many of the traditions and pop culture from that decade remain popular today. The outfits that were worn during the 1950s make spectacular costumes today. The ladies enjoy dressing up in a poodle skirt and wearing saddle shoes when dressing up for Halloween or a costume party, while the guys enjoy dressing up in the Tbirds look made famous in the musical and movie Grease.

The Halloween Mart is a company that was created back in 1994. This was the first online company to specialize in the selling of costumes for Halloween, other major holidays and different types of special events. Halloween Mart has been able to remain a vital part of the online world due to its commitment to good customer service, great selection of costumes and affordable pricing. The Halloween Mart always sells its costumes, 50s accessories and 50s costumes at discounted prices.

Today the Halloween Mart sells over 10,000 costumes and several of the costumes offered are outfits of the fifties. Many of those costumes could look even better with just the right accessories added to the mix. The Halloween Mart sells many 50s accessories, including a poodle skirt for the ladies and saddle shoes to match many of the 50s costumes sold by Halloween Mart.

There are plenty of 50s accessories for the ladies to complement any 50s costume being worn for Halloween or a costume party. The knee length petticoat is a very sexy looking piece to wear when dressing up in a 50s Halloween costume. If eyewear is needed to complement an outfit the Halloween Mart sells cat eye glasses and cat eye rhinestone glasses. Women can carry around a cute looking 50s bowling bag purse, wear a necklace and earrings from a 50s jewelry set and carry around a 50s poodle scarf.

Saddle shoes were popular during this decade and Halloween Mart offers a few different styles of great looking saddle shoes to match a variety of 50s costumes. There are platform saddle shoes, adult women’s saddle shoes and saddle shoe spats to fit right over a pair of tennis shoes.

The pink poodle skirt sold by Halloween Mart has a poodle patch with a sequin trim leash and black elastic waistband. The poodle skirt is a cute way to add a 50s accessories to any 50s costume.

Take a look at the variety of 50s accessories that are currently available from Halloween Mart. The Halloween Mart also sells costumes for other holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and the Fourth of July and events such as birthday parties. The saddle shoes and poodle skirt from the Halloween Mart also make great accessories for any 50s costume worn by a child performing in a school musical adaptation of Grease.

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