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Horror Movie Masks - Michael Myers Mask - Jason Voorhees Mask

Horror Movie Masks - Michael Myers Mask - Jason Voorhees Mask

1978’s “Halloween” and 1980’s “Friday the 13th” popularized the film genre and made household names of fictitious, indestructible serial killers like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. These characters and many others became popular Halloween costumes. Since many of the characters wore masks as part of their outfits, horror movie masks became extremely popular.
Halloween 3 Pumpkin Mask
Price: $44.99
Halloween 6 Deluxe Mask
Price: $64.99
Walking Dead - Rotted Walker Face Mask
Price: $24.99
Walking Dead - Jawless Walker Face Mask
Price: $24.99
Walking Dead - Chest Piece
Price: $69.99
Walking Dead - Biter Walker Mask
Price: $34.99
Walking Dead - RV Walker Mask
Price: $59.99
Night Breed - Dr. Decker Mask
Price: $64.99
Dark Night of the Scarecrow Mask
Price: $54.99
IT - Pennywise Mask w/ Hair
Price: $59.99
Asylum Escape Pumpkin Mask
Price: $19.99
Spider-Man Hood - Adult
Price: $14.99
Spider-Man Hood - Child
Price: $12.99
Venom Deluxe Latex Mask - Adult
Price: $49.99
Batman Full Mask - Adult
Price: $34.99
American Horror Story Twisty the Clown Deluxe Mask
Price: $79.99

Horror Movie Masks

Halloween can be a very fun time of the year for people. It is a time to go trick-or-treating for candy and other goodies when one is a child, a time to go to Halloween parties as an adult. Halloween is also a time that evil creatures haunt the streets to terrify men, women and children. Hollywood has a long tradition of making horror movies that feature maniacal killers stalking people and killing anyone in their path of destruction. Horror movies received a big shot in the arm when slasher movies became popular in the late seventies and early eighties.

The Halloween Mart has been selling Halloween costumes, costumes for other holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving and costumes for other events such as birthdays since 1994. This was the first web-based costume store and has remained in business for over fifteen years due to the company’s great customer service, great collection of costumes and affordable prices. The Halloween Mart today offers more than 10,000 high quality costumes to its customers, plus many costume accessories to complement any costume.

Horror movie masks are excellent costume accessories with many people simply wearing the masks without a costume for Halloween. The Michael Myers mask and Jason Voorhees mask are two of the most popular horror movie masks since those characters were primarily responsible for the rise in popularity of slasher flicks.

The Michael Myers mask comes in a variety of styles that represent different eras of the Halloween movies. Customers that want a Michael Myers mask from the classic John Carpenter original film could select from Michael Myers deluxe masks or a basic Michael Myers mask. Either style is guaranteed to cause people to scream in fear. There are also Michael Myers masks that replicate the style of mask Michael wore in the Rob Zombie remakes of the first two movies.

Jason Voorhees took the slasher genre to a new level with his style of destruction. The classic hockey style Jason Voorhees mask is a frightening sight and will cause anyone seeing it to gasp in horror. The Halloween Mart has a few different styles of the Jason Voorhees mask with each style having its foundation as a hockey goalie mask.

Other horror movie masks from the Halloween Mart include masks used in the movies Scream, Saw, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street. The Halloween Mart has many more styles of horror movie masks to complement a variety of great outfits. Shop from the Halloween Mart today for costumes for all sorts of occasions, costume accessories and Halloween decorations at great prices!

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Results 41-56 of 5612