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Thanksgiving Costumes - Turkey Costumes - Pilgrim Costumes

Thanksgiving Costumes - Turkey Costumes - Pilgrim Costumes

Thanksgiving is a time of year vitally important for people in the countries of the United States and Canada. It is a day to give thanks for the things one has in his or her life and a day to spend with family and close friends. Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to sit down as a group to eat, something that does not always happen in today’s mobile society. Many people dress up in Thanksgiving costumes to make the day seem more special. These costumes could include turkey costumes that are fun to wear and pilgrim costumes.
Pilgrim Lady Kit
Price: $10.00
Indian Pink Princess Costume
Price: $20.00
Pilgrim Boy w/ Pointed Hat Childrens Costume
Price: $15.00

Thanksgiving Costumes

Halloween Mart has been selling Thanksgiving costumes and costumes for other holidays and events since 1994. This was the first store to specialize in selling costumes on the web and has grown into a very successful organization in its 15+ years of existence. This is primarily because the Halloween Mart is committed to offering great customer service to its clients and has a wide selection of great looking Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving costumes. The company today has a stock of over 10,000 high quality costumes that include pilgrim costumes and turkey costumes. The Halloween Mart also sells its costumes at discounted prices. Thanksgiving costumes from the Halloween Mart can be found for prices less than retail, making it easy for an entire family to dress up in costumes to celebrate Thanksgiving as a unit. The turkey costumes and pilgrim costumes sold by Halloween Mart come in a variety of styles and sizes so each member of a family can pick out an outfit best suited for him or her. The turkey costumes from Halloween Mart are great fun to wear and provide a different look for Thanksgiving. All turkey costumes for children or adults or full-size outfits that cover the entire body and are complete with turkey head, beak and feathers. These turkey costumes also make great Halloween costumes so the outfit can be used more than once. The pilgrim costumes from Halloween Mart offer a more traditional look for Thanksgiving. There are pilgrim costumes for men and women with sizes small enough to fit the children. Halloween Mart also sells colonial girl and woman outfits. Part of the Thanksgiving tradition is a feast to celebrate the end of the harvest season. Both the pilgrims and the Native Americans held feasts to celebrate this time. Therefore, Halloween Mart also has many styles of male and female Indian outfits that serve as Thanksgiving costumes. Shop from the Halloween Mart today for pilgrim costumes and turkey costumes that also make great looking Halloween costumes. The Halloween Mart sells all Thanksgiving costumes and costumes for other major holidays and events of the year at discounted prices!

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Results 41-43 of 4312