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Halloween Scene Setters - Halloween Window Decorations - Halloween Decals

Halloween Scene Setters - Halloween Window Decorations - Halloween Decals

There are many different ways an individual can decorate his or her home for Halloween. Kids that are out trick-or-treating will notice a variety of decorating styles as they travel from door to door collecting candy. An easy and inexpensive way to decorate any home for Halloween is to hang Halloween scene setters, Halloween window decorations and Halloween decals. The Halloween Mart has a great selection of these types of decorations and many more on sale every day.
Creepy Cloth Curtain
Price: $14.99
Flagstone Paper 4'x12.5'
Price: $16.99
Creepy Carnival Mega Scene Setters
Price: $15.99
Trapped Spirits Scene Setter
Price: $9.99
Ghostly Spirits Scene Setter
Price: $9.99
Catacombs Backdrop
Price: $19.99
Werewolf & Wily Witch Window Posters
Price: $14.99
Green Demon Window Poster
Price: $10.99
Jason Voorhees Window Poster
Price: $12.99
Freddy Krueger Window Poster
Price: $9.99
Refrigerator Door Cover
Price: $4.99
Zombie Toilet Seat Grabber
Price: $9.99
Vince the Vampire Window Poster
Price: $14.99
Menacing Mummy Window Cling
Price: $14.99
Gothic Mansion Portraits Scene Setter
Price: $9.99
Reusable Wall Decor Stickers
Price: $14.99
Creepy Cloth - Black
Price: $12.99
Scary Silhouette Hung
Price: $5.00

Halloween Scene Setters

Halloween Mart was the first internet based company to specialize in selling Halloween costumes, costumes for other major holidays such as the Fourth of July and costumes for other events such as Mardi Gras. The Halloween Mart was originally established in 1994 and has been successful for over fifteen years due to its commitment to strong customer service, affordable prices on merchandise and great collection of costumes. Today the Halloween Mart has an inventory of over 10,000 costumes, plus many types of costume accessories and Halloween decorations.

When looking to create a scary setting for Halloween, Halloween scene setters make the process simple. These decorations are easily attached to the walls in the home and feature different scary figures and settings. The peeling plaster scene setter shows a deteriorating indoor wall with wall boards, plaster, and wallpaper. This scene setter measures 48” tall and 40”, a perfect size when looking to cover part of the wall with a creepy looking scene. Other Halloween scene setters for the walls include haunted forests, stone walls, blackout, fear the reaper and hanging skeletons. Customers can also decorate with Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees door covers, refrigerator or couch covers and zombie toilet seat grabbers. These are all great Halloween scene setters that can be used throughout the home.

When people pass by the home Halloween window decorations give them something spooky to see. The Halloween decals and Halloween decorations from the Halloween Mart include skull, black cat, werewolf, Vince the Vampire and menacing mummy window posters. These Halloween window decorations can be cut to fit many different sizes of windows. The Halloween Mart also has Halloween decals that are silhouettes, including a goblin, reaper, gargoyle and witch.

The Halloween scene setters and Halloween window decorations are just a few of the great Halloween decorations available from the Halloween Mart. Shop from the Halloween Mart today for great looking costumes for all occasions, costume accessories and decorations!


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