Superhero Dog and Pet Costumes for Halloween
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Superhero Dog Halloween Costumes

Wonder Woman Dog Pet Costume
Item# 66250513
Your Price: $14.99
Superman Dog Pet Costume
Item# 66250446
Your Price: $12.99
Batman Dog Pet Costume
Item# 66250445
Your Price: $12.99
Fireman Dog Pet Costume
Item# 6064660
Your Price: $19.99
Rambark Pet Costume
Item# 6067121
Your Price: $18.99

Superhero Dog Costumes

Ever wished you could send Superman out trick or treating with your kids? Well, if you've got a dog, you can. That's right. At Halloween Mart, we've got the ultimate pet Superman costumes, which can transform your dog from mild-mannered Clark Canine into Krypto, the Superdog!
Prefer the stealth-like strength of Spiderman? Is your dog really Peter Parker under all that fur? With scientifically designed materials, your dog can be Spiderman, ur, Spiderdog, in a matter of minutes.
In fact, at Halloween Mart, we carry all the great Superhero costumes perfect to transform all mild mannered mutts into Dogs of Steel! We have Batman, complete with pointy ears and cape. We have Buzz Lightyear, complete with helmet and aircraft wings. We have Darth Vader Dog. And of course, the mysterious, elusive Zorro. Since Zorro dog does not come complete with a rapier, your dog will need to find some other way to "leave his mark."
At Halloween Mart, we have five pages filled with the funniest and cutest pet superhero costumes you'll find anywhere. Walking down the street with you and your kids, your super-doggies will be super-proud.


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