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Scary Halloween Decorations - Haunted House Decorations - Halloween Scarecrow

Scary Halloween Decorations - Haunted House Decorations - Halloween Scarecrow

Halloween is a time of year when all kinds of frightening creatures come out to haunt the streets. Many of those creatures are freaks and creeps, put on this earth to scare the children and make Halloween the scary holiday it was meant to be. The Halloween Mart carries a variety of scary Halloween decorations that bring to life these creeps and freaks. The haunted house decorations include a Halloween scarecrow and several other types of creatures.
Sonic Long Hair Illuminated Girl
Price: $39.99
Price: $499.99
Animated Twitching Clown
Price: $199.99
Hanging Light Up Cocoon Man
Price: $39.99
Hooked Clown Head
Price: $29.99
Roswell Alien Baby
Price: $59.99
Haunted Doll
Price: $29.99
Demon Baby
Price: $24.99
Table Tot Iris
Price: $99.99
The Count
Price: $399.99
Gravely Lifesize Butler
Price: $399.99
Scary Carrie
Price: $274.99
Bad Betty
Price: $274.99
Roswell UFO Alien
Price: $499.99
Creepy Cathy
Price: $449.99
Deluxe Winged Reaper 6 ft
Price: $199.99
Light Up Grim Reaper
Price: $159.99
Old Deadeye Gungslinger - No Smoke
Price: $459.99
Female Zombie Head Prop
Price: $27.99
Scary Jack In The Box
Price: $149.99
Toxic Reaper
Price: $54.99
Standing Winged Reaper w/ Candle
Price: $79.99
Standing Candle Ghoul w/ Noose
Price: $99.99
Little Boy Zombie
Price: $99.99
Baby With Teddy Bear
Price: $19.99
Ground Reaper
Price: $199.99
Hanging Bride w/ Rose in Hands
Price: $79.99
Hanging Shrunken Heads
Price: $11.99
24.5" Mortuis Grim Reaper w/ Lantern
Price: $49.99
Granny Bates
Price: $149.99
Breakout Zombie - Wall Decor
Price: $99.00

Scary Halloween Decorations

The Halloween Mart has been in existence since 1994. This was the first company to sell costumes for Halloween, costumes for other holidays such as Valentine’s Day and costumes for other events such as office parties. The Halloween Mart provides great customer service, has a great selection of costumes to offer its clients and sells its outfits at affordable prices. Halloween Mart has always sold its costumes, costume accessories and scary Halloween decorations for discounted prices.

Today the Halloween Mart has over 10,000 high quality costumes in stock. It also has a wide assortment of haunted house decorations to transform any home into a frightening haunted house, full of freaks and creeps. Many of the scary Halloween decorations are life size creeps and freaks, such as a Halloween scarecrow or a nightmare screaming ghoul.

Halloween Mart has plenty of different scary Halloween decorations that can be used when a customer wants haunted house decorations that are a bit smaller as well. These decorations include two headed demon babies, possessed babies with hair, Chip the Dummy with his bloody knife, table tot Iris, kneeling geist girl and a vampire pumpkin.

Haunted house decorations that are a little bigger can be stood up in hallways, made to pose in different rooms of the house or left outside to greet party guests and trick-or-treaters. The Halloween Mart has a great looking Halloween scarecrow that is guaranteed to strike fear in the heart of anyone who sees it. The Halloween scarecrow has a menacing face made of latex that seems to be frozen in the middle of his most evil laugh, a fabric costume, latex hands and measures 12 feet long.

There are plenty more life-size scary Halloween decorations that the Halloween Mart has in stock. Check out the selection of haunted house decorations including a 16 foot hanging devil, gravely life-size butler and the Michael Myers clown prop.

Scary Halloween decorations, costumes accessories and costumes are all sold by the Halloween Mart for discounted prices. The Halloween Mart is the online source for costumes for all occasions throughout the year.

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