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Halloween Body Parts - Fake Body Parts - Human Body Parts

Halloween Body Parts - Fake Body Parts - Human Body Parts

An individual that is planning to throw a big Halloween party and really wants to scare his or her guests can set out various human body parts to ensure that occurs. Fake body parts and Halloween body parts make great Halloween decorations and can easily be placed throughout the home, on the front doorstep to greet trick-or-treaters and scattered around the front yard.
Door Knob Cover Zombie Hand
Price: $16.99
Coroner Body Bag
Price: $19.99
Brain Bloody
Price: $7.99
Foam Heart
Price: $9.99
Grimacing Cut Off Head
Price: $24.99
Creepy Cuts - Party Appetizers
Price: $12.99
Creepy Cuts - Party Fingers
Price: $11.99
Severed Head - Eyelid Kid
Price: $35.99
Thumb - Severed
Price: $3.99
Severed Body Parts
Price: $9.99
Hand Severed
Price: $9.99
Cut Off Gothic Vampire Head
Price: $29.99
Stage Hands
Price: $14.99
Shrunken Head in Flask
Price: $19.99
Foot Severed
Price: $14.99
Leg Severed
Price: $19.99
Severed Arm
Price: $19.99
Tongue Balloon
Price: $2.99
Zombie Hand
Price: $6.99
Hanging Horror Head
Price: $29.99
Gory Foot
Price: $12.99
Creepy Hand
Price: $4.99
Head In Laboratory Jar
Price: $19.99
Head w/ Open Eyes
Price: $22.99
Wood Nail Thru Head
Price: $26.99
Bloody Finger Set
Price: $4.99
Prop Feet
Price: $19.99
Bag of Mini Skeleton Hands
Price: $3.00

Halloween Body Parts

The Halloween Mart has a great collection of Halloween body parts designed to transform any home into a graveyard or mortuary during Halloween.

Halloween Mart has been in existence since 1994. This was the first internet based costume store to sell Halloween costumes, costumes for other events such as birthday parties and costumes for other major holidays such as Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July. Customers continue to use the Halloween Mart for all Halloween costume, accessory and decorating needs because the Halloween Mart provides exceptional customer service, affordable prices on all merchandise and a great selection of costumes.

Once the Halloween Mart started to grow as a company costume accessories and Halloween decorations were added to the inventory available from the company. Today the Halloween Mart has a selection of more than 10,000 high quality costumes and plenty of accessories for those outfits. The Halloween Mart also has a great collection of decorations to use throughout the home. When throwing a Halloween party for friends or simply setting up the home in preparation for kids collecting candy, human body parts that are in reality fake body parts make great Halloween decorations.

Imagine the look of horror on a child’s face when he or she approaches the front door of the home to say “trick-or-treat” and sees some of the Halloween body parts left by the door! The Halloween Mart has fake body parts perfect for this scenario such as a bag of bones, a grimacing cut off head, a rattling Ralph head, a zombie head on a hook, a haunted hanging head or a hanging upside down vampire head.

Enter that same home and an individual might be subjected to even more gruesome human body parts scattered about the premises! Open the refrigerator and a person may see a heart inside. A bloody brain could be a centerpiece on a coffee table. One may find severed thumbs in the chips bowl or a shrunken head in a flask on the bookshelf. The Halloween Mart has many more types of fake body parts to use throughout the house during Halloween.

Halloween Mart sells costumes, costume accessories and Halloween decorations at discounted prices each day of the year. When getting ready to put on a Halloween party make sure to shop from the Halloween Mart for Halloween body parts and other types of decorations to turn any home into a haunted house!

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