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Animated Halloween Props - Animated Halloween Decorations - Halloween Animatronics

Animated Halloween Props - Animated Halloween Decorations - Halloween Animatronics

Many years ago Halloween decorations were simple pieces that were put in the ground, on the doorstep and throughout various areas of the home. The progress of technology over the years has led to Halloween decorations becoming more technologically advanced. Many Halloween decorations now speak out, light up and move. Inanimate Halloween objects are a thing of the past and animated Halloween decorations add life to any home.
Spell Speaking Animated Witch
Price: $299.99
Rocking Mother Prop
Price: $429.99
Laughing Hag
Price: $499.99
Ghostbusters Floating Slimer
Price: $44.99
Animated Baby Mummy
Price: $50.00
Screaming Light Up Larva Head
Price: $24.99
Animated Faceless Spectre
Price: $22.99
Gypsy Fortune Teller & Lighted Crystal Ball
Price: $759.99
Helga Fortune Teller
Price: $249.99
Creepy Cathy
Price: $449.99
Dobson the Butler-Shakes
Price: $549.99
Shivering Mummy
Price: $599.99
Animated Hex
Price: $140.00
Dropping Spider With Sound
Price: $29.99
Spider Drop Down
Price: $14.99
Chuckles the Clown
Price: $599.99
Rocking Grandpa
Price: $499.99
Dead Lullaby
Price: $349.99
Quaking Tombstone
Price: $549.99
Animated Talking Winged Reaper
Price: $35.00
Animated Slashing Bat
Price: $29.99
Animated Black Tree
Price: $34.99
Groundbreaker Zombie
Price: $59.99
Creepy Creature
Price: $24.99
Animated Shoulder Baby
Price: $99.00
Freddy Animated Door Knocker
Price: $40.00
Deranged Bunny Out Of Hat
Price: $199.99
Animated Standing Ghostly Witch w/ Staff
Price: $99.99
Kicking Clown on Swing
Price: $34.99
Animated Gargoyle
Price: $19.99
Animated Cannibal Bride
Price: $69.99
Animated Cat
Price: $29.99
Animated Tombstone
Price: $29.99
Flying Reaper w/ Wings
Price: $19.99
Corn Stalker
Price: $399.99
Haunted Tree
Price: $299.99
Clawing Corpse
Price: $169.99
Tombstone Reaper
Price: $124.99
Undead Cathy Hanging Head
Price: $39.99
Animated Graveyard Groom
Price: $34.99

Animated Halloween Props

The Halloween Mart has a collection of animated Halloween props that are so life-like they will frighten any visitor to the home!

The Halloween Mart has been in existence since 1994. This company was the first to sell Halloween costumes, costumes for events like birthday parties and holiday costumes for Christmas and Easter via the internet. More than fifteen years later the Halloween Mart continues to be a solid online resource for costumes, accessories and decorations due to its commitment to strong customer service, affordable pricing and outstanding selection of costumes. All of the costumes, animated Halloween props, accessories and Halloween decorations are sold at discounted prices.

The Halloween Mart today has an inventory of more than 10,000 high quality costumes. The company also has a large stock of decorations to transform any home into a haunted house. Halloween animatronics add a level of excitement to any house, entertain the people living there and anyone who visits.

Animated Halloween props bring the popular characters people associate with Halloween to life. Linda Blair’s character from “The Exorcist” looks eerily life-like as an Exorcist head on a platter. Other animated Halloween props include shivering mummies, large flying ghosts, animated hanging skeletons, spinning head possessed babies and animated witches on brooms.

It is fun to put the animated Halloween props outside the house since there is plenty of room to allow the creatures to roam and prey on their innocent victims. People can decorate the inside of the home in the same manner with the collection of animated Halloween decorations and smaller Halloween animatronics from the Halloween Mart. Some of the animated Halloween decorations include dropping spiders with sound, oozing skull fountains, light up talking vampire heads, spell books, horror books and spinning witch heads.

The Halloween Mart has many more types of Halloween animatronics such as rocking bats, animated wiggle hands or a motion sensored rat in a trap. Be sure to take a look at all of the Halloween costumes, costume accessories and decorations such as animated Halloween props that the Halloween Mart has on sale today!

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Results 1-40 of 6212