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Adorable Infant Halloween Costumes

Baby Disney Costumes - Baby Star Wars Costumes - Baby Superhero Costumes

Television, movie, cartoon and storybook characters play large roles in the lives of babies. Parents start reading their children stories that feature many of those characters, plus the children see them while watching movies or TV. The characters from those forms of media make great costumes for adults and children. Dressing up in Star Wars, Disney or superhero outfits is a great way for adults and children to dress as a unit when going trick-or-treating for Halloween.
Superman Jumper
Price: $24.99
Supergirl Deluxe Baby Infant Costume
Price: $14.99
Batman Jumper - Infant
Price: $24.99
Buzz Lightyear Infant Costume 12-18 mo
Price: $19.99
Snow White Infant Costume
Price: $29.99
Elvis Infant Costume 6-12 mo
Price: $29.99
Duck Dynasty Willie Baby
Price: $25.00
Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Baby
Price: $25.00
Ragga Muffin Dolly Infant Costume
Price: $19.00
Silly Scarecrow
Price: $19.99
Mini Martian
Price: $59.99
Minnie Mouse - Infant 12-18 mo.
Price: $29.99
Rock-A-Bye Baby
Price: $10.00

Baby Disney Costumes

The Halloween Mart has a variety of storybook and movie costumes that include baby Disney costumes, baby Star Wars costumes and baby superhero costumes. Halloween Mart was created back in 1994. This company was the first internet based costume store to sell costumes for major holidays such as Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July, costumes for occasions such as birthday parties and of course Halloween. The company’s high standards for customer service, great costume selection and great prices have allowed the Halloween Mart to effectively remain in business for over fifteen years. Today the Halloween Mart has a selection of more than 10,000 high quality costumes for children and adults. Many of these costumes will be baby Disney costumes, baby Star Wars costumes and baby superhero costumes. Saturday morning cartoons are a joy for children. Many cartoons feature superheroes, so children can begin learning about the different heroes when they are babies. There are some great baby superhero costumes available from the Halloween Mart. Parents looking to dress their babies in baby superhero costumes could select from costumes such as Supergirl deluxe baby infant costumes, Superman or Superman Returns outfits, Spiderman costumes, Batman Beyond outfits and Zorro costumes. Star Wars fans are loyal and parents that grew up as fans of the series pass that love on to their children. There are a number of great looking baby Star Wars costumes available from Halloween Mart. Take a look at some of the baby Star Wars costumes that include Princess Leia costumes, Darth Vader outfits, Yoda costumes and baby Star Wars costumes for Chewbacca. Disney is particularly special to young children and babies. The magic of Disney comes through in the baby Disney costumes sold by Halloween Mart. Baby Minnie infant costumes, pink Minnie Mouse outfits, Snow White costumes and Buzz Lightyear outfits are just a sampling of the baby Disney costumes that are available. Halloween Mart sells many other styles of baby costumes for Halloween and other major holidays and events throughout the year. Be sure and shop from the Halloween Mart when looking for great prices on costumes, costume accessories and party decorations!

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