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Adorable Infant Halloween Costumes

Classic Halloween Costumes

Monster BOO
Price: $29.99
Lil' Monster
Price: $24.99
Cap'n Stinker
Price: $29.99
White Angel Infant Costume
Price: $19.99
Time Out
Price: $29.99
Pink Flower Tutu Infant Costume 6-9mo
Price: $19.99
Baby Business
Price: $29.99
Born To Be Wild
Price: $29.99
Hairy Chest Romper
Price: $23.99
Suit Romper
Price: $23.99
Caribbean Pirate Infant Costume
Price: $19.99
Black Skull Onesie
Price: $12.99
Fairy Infant 6-12 Months
Price: $22.99
Little Flower
Price: $39.99
Pretty Little Pirate Infant Girl
Price: $29.99
Double Dribble
Price: $29.99
Baby Beats
Price: $29.99

Baby Costumes

Kids recognize junk at a hundred paces. They are remarkably astute about what is cool, what is in, what is popular. They can tell an uncool costume before it's even out of the box. You can not fool them once they are past the age of four.

There are a number of reasons for this, but the most compelling one is actually very simple. Kids live in fear of being teased by other, usually older, kids. And what makes them a target of teasing on Halloween? Lame costumes. For most kids, the first time they realize they're wearing a bad costume is the last time they dress up for the holiday.

At Halloween Mart, we take the business of fun costumes very seriously. We've been in business--year round--since 1993. We carry the widest variety of kids Halloween costumes of any online retailer. We focus on quality of workmanship and materials. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry. We love our job, our business, and our customers--especially the little ones.

Browse our aisles with your kids. Window shop together in our Accessories Department. Yes, it is inevitable that your kids will "grow out" of Halloween dress up. In a perfect world, however, that transition is made for reasons other than mockery. By shopping with us here at Halloween Mart, it may be possible to get one more amazing October 31st photo op before they become too cool for ghoul.


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