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How to make a Tin Man Costume

Recreate a Classic Cinema Moment With a Tin Man Costume

Whether you’re adventuring through Oz in an ensemble costume, or simply going it alone in a quest for the Wizard, this Tin Man Costume will make an impression at your next Halloween party. With a few household supplies and a little creativity, even those in need of a quick, last-minute costume idea can transform into the metallic character in a snap.

Kids Tin Man Costume

Kids Tin Man Costume

Tin Man Costume Materials:

  • Silver spray paint
  • Silver string
  • Poster or foam board
  • Funnel
  • White shirt
  • White leggings
  • Silver face paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Old tennis shoes
  • Dark grey eyeliner

How to Make a Tin Man Halloween Costume

Use the hot glue gun to attach string to the inside of your oil funnel. Use tape to join the two pieces of poster board together. Spray your shirt, poster board, leggings, funnel and shoes with silver spray paint to create a metallic effect.

Adult Tin Man Costume

Adult Tin Man Costume

Dress in the silver shirt, leggings and shoes and place the funnel hat on your head. Once you’re dressed, wrap the board around your chest area and join the ends with tape to create the Tin Man’s body. Punch holes at the top of the chest piece and attach silver string to secure the chest piece over your shoulders. Decorate your face with silver face paint and draw lines from your mouth to the edge of your jaw line with the grey eyeliner for an authentic, hinged-jaw Tin Man look!

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Posted on 6 July '09 by admin, under Homemade Costumes.

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