Ten Safety Tips From a Halloween Store

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Many times parents are so excited about their children trick or treating that they forget that their job as parents is to keep their children safe and keep everyone out of trouble. Making sure their children have a good time on Halloween should be at the forefront of every parent’s thought process while at the same time thinking about their children’s safety. We think it’s a Halloween store’s duty to provide safety tips.

Now we all know the children love Halloween, trick or treating and all the candy that they will get so we have to assume that they will be overly excited and not paying attention as much as they normally would be to things like traffic and other potential dangers. As a parent it is your job to make sure that your child stay safe at all times.

Even if you’re going to some sort of sponsored event like a church function or community center gathering still keep in mind that you have to keep your eye on your child at all times. Even though it probably seems far more safe than trick or treating, you still have to remember that you’re in a large room filled with strangers. It might be a good idea to let your child carry a cell phone to any event that they attend or even when trick or treating.

See below for ten common sense tips that parents can keep in mind to make sure their children stay safe on Halloween.

  • Look online to check for websites that show state registered sex offenders that might live in your area. Just about every state has one and it usually contains street addresses where they live. It is easy to keep your children away from these areas or houses as long as you know where they are.
  • Make sure you know the areas that your children are going to be in if you are not? going with them. Map out a route for them to travel and make sure that the check in at specific periods of time either by calling on a cell phone or stopping back at the house. This will make sure that extended periods of time do not go by without hearing from your child .
  • Even though trick or treating has traditionally been a wonderful time for children always keep in mind that the world isn’t what it used to be and there are more and more people out there who may want to harm your child. Make sure your child goes trick or treating with you and if you can’t go make sure your child goes with another parent that you trust.
  • Your child’s Halloween costume should be checked to make sure that it is safe. Most Halloween costumes are made of fireproof material but check to make sure anyway (ask your Halloween store). If they’re wearing a mask make sure the eye holes are big enough so as not to restrict their vision and potentially make it hard for them to see a car coming.
  • Always make sure you know anywhere where your child will be, like a party or another child’s house. Make sure you get a phone number of the house where they will be. Also make sure that you have met the parents of the children who are throwing the party.
  • Make sure that your child understands that vandalism of any kind on Halloween is not tolerated and can get them in trouble.. Lots of kids are going to be tempted at one time or another to throw eggs or smash pumpkins. Make sure your kids understand that this is wrong and not fun.
  • Make sure your children eat a full meal before they go trick or treating. This will help them eat less candy while they are out and gives you an opportunity to check the candy to make sure it has been tampered with.
  • If your child is carrying a prop of any kind like a fake knife or a sword, make sure that it is made of flexible material and is not sharp. A child accidentally falling on a prop knife can cause injury.
  • Always make sure that your children understand that it is not good to talk to strangers in any case. Make sure they understand that there never to go in a stranger’s house on Halloween even if they are invited in or told that it would be fun for them to come into the house for a picture or a party. It might seem as though it’s all right on Halloween, but keep in mind that a person who would want to harm your child would realize that this is the perfect time to do it.
  • Lastly, make sure your children understand how to cross a street safely. Make sure they know to look both ways before ever stepping out into a street or in intersection. Make sure they understand that they should never move until they are sure that there is no traffic coming in either direction.

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