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Spooky Shading Made Simple

Hello again to Ren‚Äôs “The BLOG” on HalloweenMart.com!
Here is a simple trick to create your own Spooky makeup.
Remember back when you were a child and used to tell ghost stories?  Sitting under the covers of your bed, waaayyy past your bedtime.  Clutching that flashlight under your chin to create spooky shadows across your face to scare your friends even more!
Well, this simple makeup technique is perfect to create your own spooky makeup look.  This little trick can also work great as a starting point to creating your own skull makeup look too.  Anything is possible with this simple shading idea. 
Get your flashlight and make up ready and layed out in front of you on the bath room counter first.  That way you won’t be in the middle of your creation and have to search around for the next brush, sponge or makeup color! 
With a skeleton: White and Black makeup are essential.  With other spooky creature looks the sky is the limit!  You can have any color on hand!  How cool is that?! 
Be sure you have a makeup Sponge for each color being used.  Especially one per your white and black makeup.  That way you won’t mix and end up making your whole face grey.  (Unless that’s what you want of course.)   
If you wish to get closer detail in your makeup, you’ll need to have a couple makeup brushes on deck too.  No need for anything expensive or fancy, any synthetic fiber brush will do.  We sell an applicator kit that gives you 1 brush, 2 sponges and 1 stipple sponge.  All great items for adding details to your makeup. 
One of the¬†most popular¬†‘closer details‚Äô to create in your Skull makeup are¬†‘cracks‚Äô in the skull itself.¬† But you can make your skull makeup anyway you like.¬† Some ideas for ‘details‚Äô in¬†monster makeup are: deep set eyes, larger eyebrows (or no eyebrows at all!),¬†smaller lips (or no lips!), making your nose look bigger and/or dark¬†circles around the eyes.¬† Don‚Äôt forget the idea of wigs,¬†scary ears, witch noses, fake blood,¬†liquid latex, fake teeth and more!¬†¬†¬†¬†
Now comes the little trick I spoke of above:
Turn on your flashlight and place it under your chin while you lean forward a bit towards the mirror.  You can use a small lamp too, if you’d like to set it on the counter and have your hands totally free.  You will place your face in the beam of light until you get the look you want.  I usually go for something like this:   
¬†But you can move your face and/or get brighter or darker light source to create the look you wish.¬† Once here, start with your white or black¬†makeup on your sponge, not too much to start with and where it is “dark” on your face put that color¬†makeup.¬† Where it is “light” on your face put some¬†of the opposite color¬†makeup…NOT TOO MUCH.¬† Just enough to see it.
Then when you pull your face out of the light, it should look like the beam of light is ‚Äôstill there‚Äô.¬† This is a great start to a creepy shading effect to your ‘monster‚Äô or ‚Äôskull‚Äô¬†makeup!¬† From here, you can make the colors darker or move onto other colors for more shading effects!¬†¬†
The FUN of this project is that you can’t GO WRONG!  Anything you create and end up with is GREAT!! 
Just have fun with it!  After all that is what dressing up in costumes is all about. 
No matter if it is Halloween, another Holiday or just for a themed party - it’s EXCITING and FUN!  
Till¬†next time, I‚Äôll leave you with this classic quote from the 1991 movie, “Freddy‚Äôs Dead: The Final Nightmare”:
“Every town has an Elm Street.” - Freddy Krueger¬†¬†
Happy Haunts!

Posted on 1 August '09 by ren, under Ren's Blog.

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