Movie Blockbuster Halloween Costumes

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One of the guarantees for Halloween costumes that happens every year is that they will be influenced by the blockbuster movies that have been released over the past twelve months as far as what will be the most popular. People will need to purchase their “movie inspired” costumes early this year, as it appears as though the movie characters will be even more sought after as costumes than in previous years. This is probably due to the fact that there have been several large movie releases already featuring highly recognizable characters that will make great costumes for both men and women, as well as the scheduled releases that are coming in months to follow. Movies will play a huge role in 2011 Halloween costumes, and we would like to provide our audience with a few choice suggestions for early shopping if you would like to secure cheap Halloween costumes for adults without worrying about limited supplies as we get closer to Halloween.

Thor Halloween Costumes


This is sure to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes in 2011 for men. The May 6 release of “Thor, The God Of Thunder” stars Kenneth Branagh and tells the story of Thor, the mighty but arrogant warrier who is cast from the rhelm of Asgard and sent to live on Earth with the humans. His heroic nature comes forth as he becomes one of their great defenders.

Thor Halloween costumes will be popular because men always like to dress un ultra-masculin costumes, for themselves and for the ladies who love them. Your Thor costume will be sure not to dissapoint.

Wonder Woman

2011 marks the return to television of “Wonder Woman” who will be played by Adrianne Palicki, and even though the initial thoughs about the changes to her classic costume were not well received (she will be wearing pants instead of the trademark leotard bottom) the show is sure to be an instant hit and provide a positive role model for little girls to emulate for generations. Wonder Woman’s golden lasso and invisible plane will join her return to television, and her skills at fighting crime will once again be tested by the most evil of men. Wonder Woman Halloween costumes are available in their classic forms, as well as updated versions that are sure to please and Wonder Woman Halloween costumes are sure to be a big hit..

Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes

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