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Welcome Back!  Always good to have you return.
The pictures below are a “clue” to see ‘if you can tell’ what the Blog is going to be about?
You might have guessed it?!  What should my Halloween Costume be this year?
Maybe you are the kind of person who has no trouble coming up with a costume idea and if so, GREAT! 
However, if you are like me you think of one thing and then another AND THEN ANOTHER - until you have so many options you can’t choose! 
If you are like that too, then these helpful and fun TIPS will surely make your ‘costume decision making’ much easier and fun for the whole family!
1)  If you are the type of person who enjoys dressing up as a famous character from movies, TV and litature OR if you want to make this a fun activity for the WHOLE FAMILY - try try this one - it is a blast! 
Grab a bunch of magazines that feature photos of movie and TV show characters and/or find images of costumes you like online and print them out.  Cut out all the photos to be as close to the same size as you can.  Then mix ‘em in a shoe box or something of that nature. 
OR get yourself one of the black cauldrons we sell and use that!  When done with this task then you have a cool ‘bowl’ to put your Halloween Candy in or a great prop for your costume!
Once you have all the slips of paper in the ‘cauldron’ - close your eyes, take a deep breath and pick out a slip…THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL BE FOR HALLOWEEN!! 
To make it more fun for the whole family, have each member do the same thing with photos THEY pick.  Then each one takes a turn pulling out a slip.  If they pull out a photo that was put in by someone else, they can choose to put it back until they pull one that THEY actually put in the ‘cauldron’ OR they can choose to keep that slip.  This is fun because if you don’t show each other the pictures before you put ‘em in the ‘cauldron’ - YOU have NO IDEA what you might pick!! 
When everyone has a slip of paper - you can further the game by playing a type of SECRET SANTA with ‘em.  “I’ll keep mine or trade you for yours” type of game.  Especially exciting and funny if no one knows what the others are holding!! 
The fun of this idea is that you can make up the way you’ll play it and/or the ‘rules’ before you play ANY WAY you like! 
There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to do this activity!  Just HAVE FUN!!!
2)  If you are the type of person who likes to dress up as something that means something to you, then try this. 
Tell yourself before you go to bed that you ‘wish to dream about what Halloween Costume you would like to be” then pay special attention to your dreams that night.  OR over a few nights, sometimes dreams are very confusing so you might have to do this one a few times.  BUT you WILL get your answer!
3)  If you were the type of child who totally loved Halloween Costumes then try this one as an adult. 
Think back to your youth.  Think of the fun times you had at Halloween and all the candy, pumpkins, ghosts, witches and goblins of years past! 
Then ask yourself“What was my favorite Halloween Costume as a child?” 
Whatever is the FIRST COSTUME that pops into your head - THAT is what you’ll re-create for yourself as an adult!  I especially enjoy this one for myself when picking out my costume each year. 
After all, Halloween is about the enjoyment and mystery of ‘make believe’ for ONE NIGHT of the year!  Why not let that inner child shine?!
After you know what you are going to be - then contact Halloween Mart.com or visit us at our retail store in Las Vegas, NV. and we will help you find and/or “build” your costume!!
Until next time - let me leave you with this quote from another classic film:
“You know, I’ve always wanted a child.  And now I think I’ll have one…on toast!”
Bette Midler as “Winifred Sanderson” in the Disney movie, “Hocus Pocus”.
Happy Haunts!

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Welcome Back!
Hope this new start into the Fall months has been good to you!  We’ve had a blast over the Summer months - School getting out, Graduations, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, School supplies shopping and then School starting again!
Do you know what the best part about all this is…..?  That’s right!  Halloween is right around the corner!!
And we here at Halloween Mart.com are set to get you ready for all the fun!
Last Blog I had so much fun talking about the spooky ‘makeup tip with the flashlight’ that this Blog I want to do another one!
This set of tips is great for burns, wrinkles, scars, scrapes or just plain ‘ole scary monster skin!
Items you will need:
Makeup and/or Paint Brush (Synthetic fibers work best)
Latex (flesh color)
Tissue (any kind will work - single or double ply - if using double ply, strip it appart to become single layer)
Fake Blood (if doing cuts, scrapes or the like)
Stipple Sponge (if doing scrapes or the like)
Makeup (flesh color or other depending on what is your desired finished look)
Makeup and/or tiny Scissors (adult supervision needed if kids are using these)
Coffee Granules (not fine ground coffee)
No matter your finished desired look - ALL EFFECTS will follow the FIRST FIVE steps.
STEP ONE: Start by cleaning your skin with soap and water to remove any dirt and/or natural oils on skin.
STEP TWO: Apply a thin layer of latex in desired shap of finished effect.  Don’t make it an exact shape.  Cuts, Scrapes, Burns and/or the like are never in anything close to a perfect shape.  It’s most important to be applying a thin layer of latex with your brush.
STEP THREE: Tear the tissue into a shape somewhat close to the amount of latex you’ve already applied.  DO NOT cut the tissue.  It’s very important to tear it.  Then once you have your piece of tissue - lay it on top of the latex.  The latex will start to absorb it.  This is fine.  DO NOT press it down firmly.  Let the tissue fall into the latex as natural as it does on its own. 
STEP FOUR:  Let that sit for about a minute or so.  You want it to start drying in an uneven shape and texture.  You are NOT going for a thin and smooth finish.
STEP FIVE:  Next apply another thin layer of latex over the top of what you’ve already applied.  So far you are ending up with: layer of latex, layer of single ply tissue and one more layer of latex on top.  Let this dry for a few minutes.  When you can touch it and it’s not wet, then you know it’s done.  Won’t take long to dry.  Using a cool source of air (Fan on low, or blow dryer on cool air setting with defused air stream) can speed up the process if you are in need of it drying faster. 
Now is where you make a choice:
If you are going for wrinkles, you are basically done.  Simply apply your flesh tone makeup color matching your natural skin tone.  If you don’t see wrinkles as thick as you’d like, as it is drying flex and/or bend the skin (depending on where you are applying it).  Then when you relax your “bend” or “flex” after it has dried, you’ll end up with deeper set wrinkles.
If you are going for a scrape (IE: road scrapes with gravel), then follow these next steps: 
If you want scrapes but with no broken skin, then take your stipple sponge and lightly run it across the layer of latex.  Your desire is to “catch” some of it in the sponge and sort of give it “small tear points” on the top layer.  Once done with this, take your makeups (red, black, deep purple, yellow - all colors in the injury stack we sell) and create a bruse look.  Dark colors in middle - lighter colors on outter edges - keeping it uneven as bruses are. 
If you are going for a flesh scrape with maybe just a bit of blood: then follow the stipple sponge technique above and simply blot your fake blood in a few spots.  To create the effect of “road gravel” - place a few pieces of the ‘coffee granules’ in the blood.  One here - a couple grouped together over there.  As the blood dries they will keep their shape and look like gravel.  Plus unless you want a really BAD scrape, use less blood for a more realistic effect.  Even in makeup effects LESS IS SOMETIMES MORE. 
If you want it to be an ‘open wound’ - after the latex dries, you will take the makeup scissors and cut a ‘wound’ shape in the latex only.  (this is where Adult Supervision comes in if a younger person is working with this technique)  Then take some of your red makeup and color the ‘inside of your wound’ not spreading the makeup too thin.  Leaving some chunks only enhances your finished product.  Then take the fake blood and place some inside your ‘wound’ using the back side of your brush so you don’t spill it all over the outside of your makeup.  If using a cream base makeup, the effect will ‘create’ itself as the ’blood’ will sort of “sit on top” of the makeup and look quite fresh.  You can use as little or as much blood as you want.  Keeping in mind that the more you use the longer it will take to dry and/or the more chance you have of it spilling out over your makeup.  That ISN’T a bad thing if you are going for a very bloody wound!
If you want ’scary monster skin’ then just let it dry and take your makeup colors and lightly ‘push on’ colors of your choice.  I use the term “push on” so that you are not taking the sponge and applying the makeup in a normal smearing fashion.  This can tear and or ‘wipe out’ the shapes of your latex.  So lightly ‘pushing on’ the colors will do the trick.  Do as little or as much color as you wish.  Cool hint: use two shades of the same color, one dark and one light (IE: Green) for a creepy effect!
If you want the ‘burn’ effect - take your red and black makeup, lightly applying them to the ridges of your latex.  (Making sure it has dried first.)  You can do the black from the bottom up, and then red from the top down.  Which will help you end up with a shading effect as burns are three dimensional in texture.  Depending on the degree of your burn, you can use the ’stipple sponge’ technique to ‘tear’ the latex a bit.  Or add some of your fake blood to increase the severity of your burn.  “Fresh” bad burns are usually bloody. 
ALSO for a very BAD BURN, then while the latex is drying - when it’s almost done take your fingers and year little bits here and there - THEN let it finish drying.  This will create the look of skin ‘hanging on by a thread’ which is a great effect.  Use darker colors and or your fake blood to color in the patches of your own skin that are now ‘open’ (due to the ’hole’ from tearing it) to make it look wonderfully real!  This is a great effect!  
There!  I think that’s a great start to using latex for wrinkles, burns and/or scrape effects!  The best part of all these techniques (or ANY makeup application) is that you really can’t make a mistake.  YOUR creations are YOUR creations!  HOW FUN IS THAT!!?!!
Until next time, let me leave you with this classic quote:
“I think I must have one of those faces you can’t help believing.”
- Anothony Perkins as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s Classic Film, “Psycho”.
Happy Haunts!

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Spooky Shading Made Simple

Hello again to Ren’s “The BLOG” on HalloweenMart.com!
Here is a simple trick to create your own Spooky makeup.
Remember back when you were a child and used to tell ghost stories?  Sitting under the covers of your bed, waaayyy past your bedtime.  Clutching that flashlight under your chin to create spooky shadows across your face to scare your friends even more!
Well, this simple makeup technique is perfect to create your own spooky makeup look.  This little trick can also work great as a starting point to creating your own skull makeup look too.  Anything is possible with this simple shading idea. 
Get your flashlight and make up ready and layed out in front of you on the bath room counter first.  That way you won’t be in the middle of your creation and have to search around for the next brush, sponge or makeup color! 
With a skeleton: White and Black makeup are essential.  With other spooky creature looks the sky is the limit!  You can have any color on hand!  How cool is that?! 
Be sure you have a makeup Sponge for each color being used.  Especially one per your white and black makeup.  That way you won’t mix and end up making your whole face grey.  (Unless that’s what you want of course.)   
If you wish to get closer detail in your makeup, you’ll need to have a couple makeup brushes on deck too.  No need for anything expensive or fancy, any synthetic fiber brush will do.  We sell an applicator kit that gives you 1 brush, 2 sponges and 1 stipple sponge.  All great items for adding details to your makeup. 
One of the most popular ‘closer details’ to create in your Skull makeup are ‘cracks’ in the skull itself.  But you can make your skull makeup anyway you like.  Some ideas for ‘details’ in monster makeup are: deep set eyes, larger eyebrows (or no eyebrows at all!), smaller lips (or no lips!), making your nose look bigger and/or dark circles around the eyes.  Don’t forget the idea of wigs, scary ears, witch noses, fake blood, liquid latex, fake teeth and more!    
Now comes the little trick I spoke of above:
Turn on your flashlight and place it under your chin while you lean forward a bit towards the mirror.  You can use a small lamp too, if you’d like to set it on the counter and have your hands totally free.  You will place your face in the beam of light until you get the look you want.  I usually go for something like this:   
 But you can move your face and/or get brighter or darker light source to create the look you wish.  Once here, start with your white or black makeup on your sponge, not too much to start with and where it is “dark” on your face put that color makeup.  Where it is “light” on your face put some of the opposite color makeup…NOT TOO MUCH.  Just enough to see it.
Then when you pull your face out of the light, it should look like the beam of light is ’still there’.  This is a great start to a creepy shading effect to your ‘monster’ or ’skull’ makeup!  From here, you can make the colors darker or move onto other colors for more shading effects!  
The FUN of this project is that you can’t GO WRONG!  Anything you create and end up with is GREAT!! 
Just have fun with it!  After all that is what dressing up in costumes is all about. 
No matter if it is Halloween, another Holiday or just for a themed party - it’s EXCITING and FUN!  
Till next time, I’ll leave you with this classic quote from the 1991 movie, “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare”:
“Every town has an Elm Street.” - Freddy Krueger  
Happy Haunts!

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Clothes make a statement - Costumes tell a story

Hello once again and welcome to the latest edition of Ren’s “The BLOG” here at HalloweenMart.com!

I can speak for the whole gang when I say we are happy to see you return. No matter how scary it gets you keep returning for more. That either means you enjoy what you’re reading OR I’m not getting scary enough!!

(insert evil laugh here_____________!!)

Back in 1931, Dr. Frankenstein felt the sense of creation first hand when his self created “Monster” awoke and he screamed at the top of his lungs, those immortal words that will live on in the hearts of Universal Horror fans everywhere…

“…it’s alive. it’s Alive. It’s Alive!”

YouTube Preview Image

Here at Halloween Mart we might not get that dramatic about it but we do love to create!

From Monsters & Faries to Superheros & Pirates all the way to Cops & Robbers we’ve got you covered! It is our pleasure to have you visit our store as yourself - let us help you create - then transform into a completely different Y-O-U!

Which I guess if we are the “creators” that makes you the “creation” and if you wish…we can scream “It’s Alive!” as you walk out the door. I mean, if it will enhance your experience that is…

Even though we have Frankenstein Masks , Costumes , Makeup Kits , Hands and Bolts, HE isn’t the only huge creature you can become when you visit Halloween Mart. We also have a great selection of ‘Walk-a-bout‘ and ‘Creature Reacher‘ costumes! These are full costumes that consist of an oversized mask head and hands to make it look like you are much larger than you truly are. The masks can often go all the way down to your stomach, which makes ‘em terribly scary. The hands can be so large that you hold onto rods inside the ‘hands’ and when you “reach out” with ‘em - everyone near you will take a step back! These deluxe costumes are something that needs to be seen to be believed!

Some of the styles in the ‘Creature Reacher’ catagory are:

Freddy Krueger, Giggles Clown, Scarecrow, Freak-n-Monster and Gruesome Bat!

Also available in the ‘Walk-a-bouts’ catagory are: Wolfman and Dracula. Trust us - these are costumes sure to leave a nightmare or two behind once the party is over!

So until next time I’ll leave you with these immortal words of Halloween wisdom:

“Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” - Mason Cooley

Happy Haunts!

PS: You’ll notice photos of ‘the Hulk‘ and ‘Mr. Burns’ from “The Simpsons” within this Blog entry - have no fear - we carry those masks too!


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