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The Race is On

Nick Tosh here again. Those hellish fires going on in Southern California remind me of a recent adventure involving NASCAR races and mysterious infernosÂ…

Crashing and burning is such a possibility that NASCAR drivers use a special flame retardant suit. Well guess who ole Nick needed to call up to get myself a stylish and realistic NASCAR driver suit? Well HalloweenMart.com of courseÂ…By the way, did you happen to see that spot on E! News Daily the other day? They had a pre-Halloween fashion show and they had some killer costumes including a smokinÂ’ Playboy Bunny outfit.

Any way, I digress…Back to NASCAR costumes. I needed a distraction in this investigation, a bit of “eye candy” to help me sneak around the restricted areas of the racetrack, so I brought along a babe that I employ from time to time (let’s call her Trixie) who looked smokin’ herself in a sexy NASCAR get-up… Now mind you, no one was fooled that Trixie was a real bonafide NASCAR driver, as hot as Danica Patrick is, the real deal can not compete with the sexy costume.

While Trixie dazzled the pit crews I was able to snoop around for tell-tale signs of sabotage. To make a long story short someone had a bone to pick with the management of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and kept sabotaging racecars. Well once we exposed the saboteur Trixie and I got the VIP treatmentÂ…not sipping champagne in the WinnerÂ’s Circle but we made a lot of fans and drivers very happy campers.

Next time, we go to the ring at CaesarÂ’s PalaceÂ….

Posted on 29 October '07 by Nick Tosh, under Costumes, Props. Comments.

Blondes Really Do Have More Fun!

I have an audition today. For a play…the role calls for a “goth girl.” How am I going to pull that off you might ask? No I am not going to dye or cut my hair! I bought a wig HalloweenMart. So cool because I feel like totally transformed when I put it on.

I wore it out the other day, and you know what? It is totally true what they say…blonds do have more fun. I seriously felt like people treated me more like an intellectual with black hair than when I have my regular (or at least thanks to bleach and a good hairdresser) blond hair. I even wore the wig to work and people at didn’t even recognize me! My boss was so confused. He was like, “I don’t remember hiring you.”

Hey, I wonder what happens with red hairÂ…Maybe that can be an experiment next week.

Posted on 8 October '07 by Allison Sunshine, under Props. Comments.

Paddy Murphy

Hey yÂ’all! I have the most exciting news: Today, I am a widow.

Rather, I am THE Widow, as in, the Widow Murphy, for the annual Paddy Murphy competition thrown every year by my favorite fraternity!

You see, Paddy Murphy was a Prohibition-era bootlegger and former fraternity brother who died fighting for his cause. Can you imagine a time when drinking wasn’t legal? Although I suppose you could also call that “high school”. Anyway, the fraternity now throws a week long series of events in honor of this event. There’s a funeral procession, a skit night, and at the end of the week, a formal, each of which requires the Widow to dress in the finest fashions the 1920’s had to offer! I have to represent, Y’all!

I ransacked HalloweenMart.com for all of my needs. I picked up the loveliest little flapper dresses – in red, for the formal, and black, for the funeral, fabulous feather boas,
and beads galore!

The only thing I couldnÂ’t find online was a formal date, but thatÂ’s okay. ThatÂ’s what MondayÂ’s Moonshine Masquerade party is for. Wish me luck!

Posted on 4 October '07 by Candy Cotton, under Costumes, Props. Comments.

More Severed Body Parts…

Nick Tosh here again, private eye. Last entry we discussed the intricacies of the dog days of summer. Well here we are smack dab in the middle of fall and I needed a gig to get me out of Dodge. er I mean Sin City USA where it’s still as hot as Hades…

Well the phone rang and it was officials from one of the nation’s largest medical centers -Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. You might know it better as General Hospital.

Appaently around every autumnal equinox there are mysterious disappearances of body parts from the hospital and the coroner’s office. These officials did not know if this was some strange sort of satanic or druid practice or if it were some criminal venture so they needed old Nick’s help…

I called the hotline to my buds at Halloweenmart.com to help equip me, you see I needed myself some authentic looking Doctor Scrubs and some realistic looking body parts if I was going to get to the bottom of the case. I loaded up on fake body part props like a severed arm, a fake heart, some eyeballs, blue of course, come on this is the land of the beautiful people baby. And finished up with a severed foot and a cut off head just in case this was a case of freaks doing weird satanic stuff in the mountains…

Well, to make a long story short, it was a case of a seriously disturbed individual who was “building” a best buddy piece by piece…Grusome and frankly disgusting…that severed head was just too big of a temptation and right about now he is being transported by two of L.A.’s finest to their Twin Towers Correctinal Facility.
Hell, if it was good enough for Paris Hilton then it sure as hell is good enough for Norman Bates’ long lost brother. To be continued…

Posted on 1 October '07 by Nick Tosh, under Costumes, Props. Comments.