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Hi! From Mandy

Hi! I’m Mandy. I am the Showroom Manager here at, what I like to call, the HMart. I am in love with the store and Halloween! This is my baby.

Everyday is always an adventure here at the HMart. It might only be a Wednesday but we get slammed for pirate costumes. “ARGG!” You never can tell what the day may hold for us. I like to say we get a fun and interesting crowd everyday and we enjoy the customers. We laugh a lot out here.

Our favorite question of the day is… “What do you guys do all day? Or what do people buy?” I simply say, we are here for ALL your crazy requests from servered arms to a superman costume for your poodle. No question or request will shock me anymore. I have heard it ALL!

Posted on 1 October '08 by admin, under HalloweenMart. Comments.