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In what is sure to be one of the blockbuster movies of the summer, the fable of “Little Red Riding Hood” is coming to life on a big screen in 2011. The tale itself is modified to be more suspenseful, and is produced with the “Twilight” generation in mind. The story follows Valerie, a young girl who has fallen in love with an orphaned son of a woodcutter, the relationship complicated by the possibility that the boy is actually a murderous werewolf. The creature is known to live within the small, Medieval village that Vallerie and her family call home, and the attempts at vanquishing the beast fall upon Valerie’s shoulders when all else fails. The trip to “Grandmother’s house” is sure to chill you to your core.

Warner Brothers is now in post production on the big screen version of the “Red Riding Hood.” The updated version has Valerie being played by Amanda Seyfried, star of Dear John and Jennifer’s Body. Twilight fans will be thrilled to know the movie has been directed by director Catherine Hardwicke.

This particular movie is a modernized remake of the classic story where a young girl takes a path through the forest to visit her grandmother. Along the way, she meets the big bad wolf. The moral of story taught us not to talk to strangers, yet it seems very clear that the lessons to be learned in the remake will extend far beyond the simple. We can assume that the passion between the “potential wolf” character, the mystery surrounding him, and the assumptions made by the townspeople, as well as the bravery of Valerie as she ventures into the unknown and faces potential harm will all play into the script. Forbidden love will most likely be at the core of the story, as well as the dangers of it.

As “Red Riding Hood” is far from little in this remake, we can assume that varaitions of her brilliant red cape and hood, along with her basket, will play a large part in this year’s Halloween festivities, and the costumes that go along with it. Young girls enamored by the Twilight Saga, and seeking a strong and brave female role model to look up to are sure to be taken with Ms. Seyfried’s performance. Her beautiful costuming is sure to make any little girl wish they were her, and children’s versions of the Halloween costume should prove to be very popular.

Adult versions of the Halloween costume should be in short supply by October, and are sure to be one of the year’s most popular outfits for women in their 20′s and 30′s. Because Riding Hood is portrayed as innocent yet sexy and sultry, strong yet intimidated, and overly sultry in her brilliantly colored red cape juxtaposed against the white snow of the forest path to Grandmother’s house, it is assured that sexy versions of the classic Halloween costume will make their way to the spotlight at parties and events nation-wide. While sexy versions of classic Disney characters have always been popular, whenever a movie of this scale brings new life into a character as visually appealing as this one it is assured that young women will want to dress up in the outfit.

Don’t miss “Red Riding Hood” the movie as it makes it’s debut later this year, and don’t forget to shop early for what is sure to be the most popular Halloween costume of the year.



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