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Movie Character Costumes - Adult Movie Costumes - Movie Costume Ideas

Anytime the opportunity arises to wear a costume for any event movie character costumes are a great choice. There are plenty of great movie costume ideas for adults and children to choose from and the selection never gets old.

Adult Movie Costumes

Halloween Mart has been carrying an outstanding selection of Halloween costumes and outfits for events year round since 1994, and sells its costumes at great discounted prices.

Halloween Mart has over 10,000 costumes to choose from for men, women and adults. The adult movie costumes are outfits that are perfect to wear while celebrating the holiday with the kids or hanging out at a Halloween party with friends.

Halloween is a special time for the kids. They have the opportunity once a year to go door-to-door, collecting candy and wearing movie character costumes from their favorite movies. Adults can easily join in the fun when taking their children trick-or-treating by wearing adult movie costumes that match what their kids picked for the year. Halloween Mart carries movie character costumes for the latest flicks, so Dad can dress as Albus Dumbledore or Harry Potter from the popular Harry Potter series while his children wear similar outfits. There is an extensive collection of Harry Potter accessories such as talking wands, Gryffindor beanies and of course, the spectacles Harry Potter wears.

Transformers costumes are also popular movie character costumes that make great adult movie costumes. The adults can be the leader of the pack dressed as Optimus Prime while the children can dress as Bumblebee or the foe of Optimus, Megatron. A night of collecting candy as a family becomes so much more fun when there are great movie costume ideas that the kids and parents can wear together.

When the time comes for the adults to go party and leave the kids at home, Halloween Mart has plenty of adult movie costumes that are perfect. Current movie costume ideas include Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern, complete with a light up ring, Thor with his mighty hammer, a Smurf, Captain America, and Jack Sparrow or Black Beard. The ladies can take the child-like theme of Harry Potter and transform it to a sexy Wizard Wanda outfit.

There are great movie costume ideas that are perfect for outfits to wear all year long. The next birthday party or masquerade party, consider wearing something from the great selection of movie character costumes from Halloween Mart. Costumes for other holiday such as Christmas and the Fourth of July can also be found from Halloween Mart, the best online source for all types of costumes at discounted prices!

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Results 41-41 of 4112