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Halloween Purses - Halloween Handbags - Novelty Purses

Halloween Purses - Halloween Handbags - Novelty Purses

Purses and handbags are everyday accessories for the ladies, so why not make them part of Halloween costumes as well? Depending on what type of costume is being worn there are many times Halloween purses or Halloween handbags can be added to the costume to make the outfit even better.
Star Wars Loot Bag
Price: $2.99
Batman Loot Bag
Price: $2.99
Spider-Man Loot Bag
Price: $2.99
Frozen - Elsa and Anna Loot Bag
Price: $2.99
Furry Wrist Wallet
Price: $7.99
Woobie Satchel - UV Pink
Price: $24.99
Furry Daisy Backpack
Price: $24.99
Beer Mug Purse
Price: $14.99
Bowling Bag Purse
Price: $14.99
Hippie Handbag
Price: $12.99
Skull Back Pack
Price: $14.99
Double Gun Zipper Holster
Price: $14.99
Police Utility Belt
Price: $19.99
Flashing Pumpkin Sack
Price: $5.99
Dino Ani-Pack
Price: $29.99
Neon Fanny Pack
Price: $14.99
Happy Pill Purse
Price: $10.00
French Maid Purse
Price: $10.00

Halloween Purses

The Halloween Mart has a collection of accessories and great looking for costumes for occasions throughout the year.

Halloween Mart has been in existence since 1994. This was the first internet based costume store that offered Halloween costumes, costumes for other major holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter, plus events such as office parties and beauty pageants. Stellar customer service, affordable prices and a great selection of costumes is what separated the Halloween Mart from its competition. Today the Halloween Mart has grown to a company that sells more than 10,000 high quality costumes, all at discounted prices.

Since Halloween Mart sells so many different styles of costumes it is necessary to have a vast selection of costume accessories. Many times a simple handbag or purse will do the trick. However, what fun is it to just carry a basic purse or handbag to a Halloween party? Novelty purses that complement the costume being worn are much more fun to carry. The Halloween Mart has plenty of different novelty purses in stock that make great additions to many different costumes.

Nurse costumes have a variety of accessories to complement the outfit. There are a couple of nurse Halloween purses and handbags that are available from the Halloween Mart. Both the nurse handbag and nurse pill purse come in red and white colors with a white first aid logo on the side.

The collection of novelty purses available from the Halloween Mart makes it easy for any woman to find a fun purse to carry for Halloween. These novelty purses are also perfect accessories at other times of the year depending on the occasion.

Ladies heading out to the bar for Ladies Night Out can carry their cash and ID in a beer stein purse or beer mug purse, the perfect bags for time spent at the bar. Other novelty purses available from the Halloween Mart include pirate booty bags, hippie handbags and shipmate purses.

The Halloween Mart offers a variety of costumes for Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and birthday parties. Take a look at the selection of costumes and accessories such as Halloween purses and Halloween handbags, all available every day at discounted prices!

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