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Halloween Prosthetics - Foam Latex Prosthetics - Special Effects Makeup

Halloween Prosthetics - Foam Latex Prosthetics - Special Effects Makeup

Part of putting together a great Halloween costume often times involves the adding of artificial body parts and makeup to the costume. Halloween prosthetics come in a variety of styles and are made for every part of the body. The Halloween Mart carries foam latex prosthetics and special effects makeup that can be added to many of the costumes the company sells.
Wolfman FX Kit
Price: $14.99
Ears Werewolf Prosthetic XL
Price: $11.99
Reel FX Gramps Kit
Price: $19.99
Woochie Pro - Zombie Appliance
Price: $39.99
Woochie Pro - Skull Appliance
Price: $39.99
Woochie Pro - Evil Clown Appliance
Price: $39.99
Woochie Pro - Nosferatu Appliance
Price: $39.99
Woochie Pro - Ghost Rider Appliance
Price: $39.99

Halloween Prosthetics

Halloween Mart was created back in 1994. The company was the first internet based business to sell Halloween costumes, costumes for other holidays such as Christmas and other occasions such as office parties. The Halloween Mart continues to be a successful business more than fifteen years later due to its strong commitment to quality customer service, great selection of costumes and costume accessories and affordable prices. Accessories such as Halloween prosthetics and all costumes are always sold at discounted prices from the Halloween Mart.

Foam latex prosthetics and special effects makeup allow anyone to add a special touch to any costume. Many times the Halloween prosthetics are designed to add a funny or frightening look to the outfit. Customers can shop with confidence from the Halloween Mart knowing the Halloween prosthetics and material used to apply them to the face and body is safe, designed to not leave behind harmful residue and cause skin problems.

Some of the foam latex prosthetics will show an individual’s face being disfigured in some fashion. The special effects makeup and Halloween prosthetics from the Halloween Mart look incredibly real. A first glance from people will cause them to shriek in horror and then laugh hysterically once they realize the effect is simply special effects makeup. Some of the different types of Halloween prosthetics for the face include the hole in someone prosthetic, which looks like a golf ball imbedded in someone’s forehead, the eye got it prosthetic that appears to be a baseball stuck in the person’s eye and the brain matter prosthetic that creates the horrible image of exposed brain matter.

Special effects makeup can create the illusion of some kind of disfigurement, burn or nasty scrape. The Halloween Mart has some creative special effects makeup kits that include glass attack kits, cut sets and open wound kits. All special effects makeup kits come with easy-to-follow instructions.

The foam latex prosthetics from the Halloween Mart have been specially designed to change the outward appearance of any individual. Shop from the Halloween Mart for costumes for holidays such as Easter and events such as birthday parties, plus foam latex prosthetics, special effects makeup and any other necessary accessories to complement any costume!

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Results 81-88 of 88123