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School Girl Skirts - Costume Pettiskirts - Costume Petticoats

School Girl Skirts - Costume Pettiskirts - Costume Petticoats

Ladies that are looking to arrive at any Halloween party and make an immediate statement will accomplish that by wearing costume pettiskirts or costume petticoats. The Halloween Mart has a selection of school girl skirts, other costumes and costume accessories on sale today.
Soft Tulle Rainbow Pettiskirt
Price: $24.99
Shiny Leopard Print Short - Blue
Price: $19.99
Tutu - Yellow
Price: $14.99

Costume Petticoats

There was a time when school girl skirts were viewed as innocent uniforms young ladies wore to school. That changed once the “Baby One More Time” video from pop artist Britney Spears hit the airwaves. Suddenly school skirts and their matching undergarments, the costume petticoats, became extremely popular items of apparel for women of all ages. Halloween Mart was first established back in 1994. This company was the first to sell Halloween costumes, costumes for other events such as bachelor parties and holidays such as Easter via the internet. The Halloween Mart has remained successful over the years due to a commitment to strong customer service, affordable pricing and great costume selection. Today the Halloween Mart offers more than 10,000 costumes to its clients and plenty of necessary accessories to accompany any outfit. School girl skirts and costume pettiskirts are two types of costume accessories that will add a very sexy bit of flair to any costume. Ladies, save these outfits for the adult Halloween parties on the agenda. Costume petticoats and school girl skirts may not be the most appropriate costumes to wear while taking the kids trick-or-treating! However, once the kids are done collecting candy and it is time for the adults to party, costume pettiskirts are great fun for the ladies to wear who are looking to arrive at the bar or party for Halloween looking extra beautiful. Halloween Mart has a selection of school girl skirts that women are going to love wearing. Some of the styles of school girl skirts for sale include plaid with blue, green, pink, red or white school girl skirts, and baby pink plaid school girl skirts. Women looking for costume petticoats could choose from double layer black and red petticoats, black puffy chiffon petticoats or purple layered tulle petticoats. Check the supply offered by the Halloween Mart, for there are many more styles of costume petticoats for sale! Costume pettiskirts can be worn as a part of any costume and look unbelievably sexy. The styles of costume pettiskirts available from the Halloween Mart include police skirts, checkered flag racer skirts and spiderweb lace miniskirts. The Halloween Mart has many more styles of costume petticoats and school girl skirts for sale. Shop from Halloween Mart for costume pettiskirts, costumes for Thanksgiving and outfits to wear for Mardi Gras. The finest costumes and accessories are on sale at discounted prices today from the Halloween Mart!

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Results 81-83 of 83123